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Novosibirsk has felt shortage of divisionals

Yesterday the working group of the City Council specially created on February, 19th of this year, has suggested to increase number of district militia officers of militia in Novosibirsk by 98 persons. Explaining necessity of such step, deputy Andrey Gudovsky has cited the data sotsoprosa according to which 78 % novosibirtsev or at all have no contact to the divisional, or consider such contact insufficient. Meanwhile, according to the Department of Internal Affairs of Novosibirsk, in 2008 371 divisional have opened 4,2 thousand crimes - 15 % from their total number. Besides, committee-men, having remembered cruel murder on March, 23rd 26 - summer militiaman in the beat Vladimir Nechaeva, have noted necessity of increase in number of local points (today them 91) and their equipment disturbing buttons. As financing of activity of district militia officers is made at the expense of city budget (in 2008 for these purposes it has been spent about 19 million rbl.) And the increase in their number will demand additional expenses, deputies have suggested to bring respective alterations in the budget of 2010 in hope that by then an economic crisis oslabnet. It is expected that in the near future the offer of working group will be considered at session of the commission of the City Council on self-management and in case of approval is taken out on regular session.