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Krasnoyarsk bankers have responded on crisis

the Government of Krasnoyarsk region has decided to support the initiative of local bankers about introduction so-called irrevocable contributions. Regional officials have included their offers in a package of anti-recessionary measures and have transferred vitse - to prime minister Sergey Ivanov at the meeting which has passed in a past week-end in Novosibirsk. In regional banks count that such step will allow to provide stability monetary - resource base of the credit organisations during crisis. Experts are afraid that these measures will lead only to a panic among investors and to bankruptcy of many Russian financial institutions.
about the offer to allow banks to open irrevocable contributions (contributions which cannot be withdrawn under the first requirement of the investor) has informed the president of Joint-Stock Company AIKB the Yenisei incorporated bank Assija Belonogov past Friday at anti-recessionary session of the regional government. According to the banker, such contributions can be withdrawn only after the contractual period, irrespective of desire of the investor. Now the Russian legislation obliges banks to return means of investors under their first requirement. thus, in case of occurrence of panic moods irrevocable means will allow to provide stability of work of bank system and will give the chance to the financial organisations to take part in long-term credit programs - Belonogov`s madam has noted.

as the deputy minister of the finance of edge Ruslan ShCherbatjuk has explained, the bill About modification of some acts of the Russian Federation opening possibility of use of the tool irrevocable contributions, already is in the State Duma since December of last year. However at session of the Russian parliament the document has not reached discussion yet.

Krasnoyarsk bankers have suggested the edge government to include this measure and in a regional anti-recessionary package and by that to accelerate process of acceptance of the federal bill. The regional authorities have supported the offer and have brought irrevocable contributions to the total document. By words a press - the secretary of the Krasnoyarsk governor Michael Razvozhaeva, all anti-recessionary offers have been transferred at meeting in Novosibirsk vitse - to prime minister Sergey Ivanov and the plenipotentiary of the president of the Russian Federation on SFO to Anatoly Kvashnin.

according to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, in territory of Krasnoyarsk region it is registered six credit organisations, and also 61 branch of banks from other regions of the country operates. The total amount of deposits and contributions in Krasnoyarsk banks for October, 1st, 2008 made more than 110 mlrd rbl., of them means of physical persons - 69,3 mlrd rbl. On the eve of anti-recessionary meeting of the regional government the offer about irrevocable Contributions it was discussed on coordination bank board where also it has been approved by representatives of the regional credit organisations, the vice-president of board of Joint-Stock Company of KB " has informed; the Cedar Pavel Pavelko. Introduction of such contributions allows to provide performance put in the governmental program of development of bank sector of problems: to raise liquidity and to increase crediting of real sector of economy. After all system inclusion irrevocable contributions will allow banks not to hold great volumes of instant liquidity. For example, in our bank it more than 100 % from volumes of contributions. It will be possible to direct the liberated means on crediting of real sector - mister Pavelko has explained side benefits of an innovation. Thus he has underlined that for world practice system irrevocable contributions it is not new and successfully operates in many countries.

however experts specify in considerable risks. Analyst IK finam Konstantin Romanov notices that offers to enter irrevocable contributions are discussed for a long time, but against them the Russian Agency of insurance of contributions acts. the agency fairly considers that their introduction during crisis can stimulate a panic among the population therefore instead of a positive we will see a new wave of bankruptcies. In general irrevocable the contribution - the useful tool which allows banks to plan more effectively the activity, and to investors - to receive higher rates. However normal market conditions are for this purpose necessary, in crisis this tool has no chances of development - the analyst speaks.

the head of department of retail business of Open Company of KB Stromkombank Evgenie Ivantsov has noted disputable appeal of such tool to banks: Obviously, the impossibility of withdrawal of the means for investors can be compensated only very high level of profitableness. That does such tool less interesting to banks, than traditional contributions . Mister Ivantsov predicts low dynamics of attraction irrevocable means.

date of hearings under the bill about irrevocable contributions it is not defined yet, have informed yesterday in a press - service of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. Now the bill is on consideration in profile committee of parliament.