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Picket under the overestimated rate

Tomorrow Krasnoyarsk businessmen intend to spend picket at a mayoralty building. They demand rent decrease for using municipal real estate which in 2009 has grown twice. Experts also consider increase in rent payments unreasonable, specifying that the prices for commercial real estate from the beginning of year, on the contrary, have fallen more than twice.
the decision on double increase since January, 1st, 2009 of the rent rate on municipal real estate was accepted the City Council on September, 2nd, 2008. The actions of the power have explained necessity of observance of the antimonopoly law by alignment of rent rates with the market. According to the mayoralty, small and average business rents in Krasnoyarsk of 416 thousand in sq. m of the areas.

as the chairman of committee on development of small and average business has informed at Is central - Siberian trading - industrial chamber, the chief executive of regional association Bytsojuz Alexander Lytkin, as a result the average price of rent in 1 sq. m of municipal real estate in the centre of Krasnoyarsk makes about 2,6 thousand rbl. a year, on suburb - 1,3 - 1,5 thousand rbl. (without the VAT).

Rent payments in volume of costs of the enterprises make from 20 % to 60 %, Tatyana Ignatov has specified the chairman of the regional organisation of trade union of workers of life-support. Businessmen - tenants notice that the payment increase has appeared more sensitively as has occurred during crisis. According to the director of studio Teremok (rents about 400 sq.) Marinas Artemenko, last year for rent the enterprise has paid 41 thousand rbl., this year it is necessary to pay 82,5 thousand rbl. Meanwhile from - for falling on 46 % of volume of realisation of production in the first quarter of this year of studio has suffered losses in 214 thousand rbl.

Unfortunately, our oral references have not conceived any action. In January, February, March we sent references to the head of Krasnoyarsk Peter Pimashkova. Then have published in local mass-media the categorical reference to the mayor and the governor of edge Alexander Hloponinu, but all is ineffectual. It has compelled us to spend picket - mister Lytkin has declared. It will pass at a mayoralty building tomorrow. The basic requirement of its participants - to cancel double increase of the rent rate. the increase in the size of a rent for a year should be spent no more than for percent of growth of a consumer price index. In exceptional cases it is necessary to leave the rent rate without changes. The rent increase should be carried out taking into account opinion of representatives of public organisations and businessmen - Alexander Lytkin has formulated a position protesting.

Krasnoyarsk officials are ready to go on some decrease in rent rates. According to the chief of department of rent of municipal property of department of municipal property and ground relations of the mayoralty of Very Makarovoj, the lowering factor 0,8 will be applied to subjects of small and average business who carry out social activity . The corresponding project is directed on City Council consideration. Such variant does not suit businessmen. if the factor at a rate of 0,6 there would be an increase in rent payments at 20 % has been entered. But the city power says to us that will make 0,8. It turns out that the increase will occur on 60 % - mister Lytkin has told.

Experts consider double increase of rent rates unreasonable. municipal rent, of course, obviously is cheaper, than commercial. But the fact of that in rate city centre have fallen to commercial real estate twice in comparison with last year, and on municipal - have risen, is not absolutely clear. So, in city centre it is possible to have rooms at the price from 500 rbl. for square metre a month, in the Soviet area - from 350 rbl. - the director of agency of real estate " speaks; the Seventh Elena Zvonareva. By its estimation, small and average business which rents municipal premises, hardly can work is profitable at such increase in rent rates.

It is expected that 300 persons will participate in a protest action nearby.