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The government has taken out the anti-recessionary plan

the New program of anti-recessionary measures for 2009 is confirmed yesterday at session of the government of Russia. Discussion of the contained document systematising already accepted since autumn of 2008 of a measure of rescue of economy of the Russian Federation from crisis, proceeded before session opening: since the moment when the prime minister - minister Vladimir Putin has started to tell about it to the White house, the plan should be completely approved.
government session on consideration of the changed budget - 2009 and programs of anti-recessionary measures has been appointed on 16. 00. To this term all members of the government and visitors have gathered. Visitors (deputies, governors, heads of services and agencies) took place in an amphitheatre. The program of anti-recessionary measures published earlier (see from March, 18th) in advance did not promise any unexpectedness, parametres of the new budget - 2009 are discussed at meeting at Vladimir Putin still on March, 16th.

Ministers gradually took places behind the big table. The chairman of the Central Bank Sergey Ignatyev has arrived one of the first. Earlier it had a place behind a table d`hote with ministers, but this time Sergey Ignatyev has taken a place in an amphitheatre in the same row with the vice-president of the chairman of the State Duma and the committee-man concerning a family, women and children, in recent times the Olympic champion on skating sports by Svetlana Zhurovoj.

From the place Sergey Ignatyev to whom in the anti-recessionary plan the lion`s share is given (see the schedule - in it the liquidity given temporarily the Central Bank is not specified banks in a total sum 1,07 trln rbl.) Has not moved even then when into a hall has entered vitse - the prime minister and Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin. The chairman of the Central Bank has gone deep into studying of documents so that any could believe: budget amendments and furthermore the anti-recessionary program he sees for the first time. We will remind, the Central Bank is authority formally independent of the government in the Russian Federation, but before it the head of the Central Bank did not underline.

Alexey Kudrin was today the key lecturer, and the estimate of each of participants of session still depended on its word. He has chosen the most safe group - the deputy minister of the finance Tatyana Nesterenko and Elena Skrynnik recently appointed the Minister of Agriculture. But women have not rescued it - to this group through all hall the first has begun to bustle vitse - prime minister Victor Zubkov (to agriculture in the plan it is promised 400 mlrd rbl. of credits in 2009). And head Minpromtorga Victor Khristenko who has already taken seat in the armchair, at the sight of Alexey Kudrin has rushed to it with papers in hands. Victor Khristenko defended the theses so brisk gesticulation that the tarried Victor Zubkov needed to return only silently on the place.

in the anti-recessionary plan yesterday there were two new initiatives from Minpromtorga: a six-monthly delay of payment of duties for import of planes and customs privileges to investors TSBK (the material see the same page). At the first pause of mister Khristenko Alexey Kudrin has moved to other end of a hall - to the sodokladchiku to the head of Ministry of Economics to Elvira Nabiullina. But Victor Khristenko did not lag behind. Questions were and at other ministers - and at gloomy yesterday heads of the Ministry of Emergency Measures Sergey Shojgu, and unperturbable vitse - prime minister Sergey Ivanov. But all of them have been compelled to recede before a pressure of head Minpromtorga. Alexey Kudrin was rescued from last attack of industrialists by occurrence in a hall of the head of governmental body Sergey Sobjanina - a sure sign that in a minute there will be also prime minister Vladimir Putin. But Victor Khristenko of the has already achieved - hastening to the place, it has cried out through all hall to Tatyana Nesterenko the next amendment to the budget, someone obviously rescuing: Under rates of credits and for current activity!

the head of the government who already through pair minutes spoke about the anti-recessionary plan of the White house, its discussion, the purposes, problems and priorities for 2009 has entered into this moment in a hall. However, Vladimir Putin has not informed news, preferring to place accents on seven making projects as a whole generated still in November - December, 2008. When the prime minister has finished an opening address, into a hall with a folder of papers has imperceptibly entered hardly late vitse - prime minister Igor Sechin. However, on the final text of the document hung out on evening on a site of the government and offered now for discussion all citizens of the Russian Federation, contents of this folder were not reflected.