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“ the Trust “ was disappointed in Omsk “ the Partner “

the Cyprian company TIB Investments Limited, bank structure “ the Trust “ has addressed in arbitration court of Moscow with the claim about collecting from six “ daughters “ Omsk retail group “ the Partner - a retail “ (franchajzi X5 Retail Group) Oleg Mkrtchjana of 372,9 million rbl. In the bank, still recently gathering to increase the share in “ the Partner - a retail “ from 25 % to 49 %, declare delays Omsk ritejlera under credits, and also about intention to leave inefficient business.
yesterday it became known that one of Open Society structures “ National bank “Trust“ “ - the Cyprian company TIB Investments Limited has submitted to arbitration court of Moscow the claim about collecting of 372,9 million rbl. from branches of Omsk group “ the Partner - a retail “: Open Company “ the Omsk trading alliance “ Open Company “ Contact service “ Open Company “ the Omsk trading house “ Open Company “ prod the Magician “ Open Company “ the Personnel finans “ and Open Company “ prodtorg “.

As have explained „“ in a press - service “ the Trust “ “ collecting of the sum of proceeds of credit and the payments connected with them under credit contracts is caused by the delay which has arisen in the end of 2008 on them from borrowers of Open Company “ the Omsk trading alliance “ and Joint-Stock Company “ prodtorg “. In a press - association service trading - the industrial enterprises “ the Partner - Omsk “ where enters “ the Partner - a retail “ have refused comments, having noticed only: “ the Statement of claim is not received by us, there is nothing to make comments “.

“ the Partner - a retail “ - the retail operator in Omsk (enters into association structure trading - the industrial enterprises “ the Partner - Omsk “) . Owners: Oleg Mkrtchjan (38 %), bank “ the Trust “ (25 %), three physical persons (37 %). Company goods turnover for 2007 has exceeded $130 million On the beginning of 2008 in its management was about 70 shops under trade marks “ Omsk Bacon “ Fresh - the Market and “ Pjaterochka “ (franchise Υ5 Retail Group “ the Partner - Omsk “ has got in 2005). Now in the property ritejlera 24 points.

As informed „“, blocking share holding of Open Company “ the Partner-retail “ has carried over bank group “ the Trust “ in the end of April, 2008. Under the contract of purchase and sale the bank has received also an option for increase in a share to 49 %. The parties have not informed a transaction total sum (according to analysts, it could make about $35 million), definitive terms of its end. At the same time the new offshore company in Cyprus, in which authorised capital stock " has been created; the Trust “ The basic owner " has placed money, and; the Partner-retail “ Oleg Mkrtchjan - the retail actives. “ all means brought by us will go on network development in Omsk and adjacent regions, and also on acquisition of new actives “ - underlined then the head of department of alternative investments “ the Trust “ Michael Grishakin. Oleg Mkrtchjan has confirmed this scheme.

at the same time experts noticed that mister Mkrtchjan hoped to block at the expense of the investor already involved credit resources (more than 1 mlrd rbl.) By promotion of the project of a retail network, and bank expected to increase capitalisation of this business and further to sell it with benefit. “ during the pre-crisis period, against dynamical growth of the retail market, interest to actives in retail sphere, including from various financial structures, investment companies, funds of direct investments, was rather high. It is obvious that in most cases occurrence in a share capital of similar networks had for an object increase in capitalisation of an active and its further sale with the high award. Profitableness of such transactions averaged not less than 30 % with investment horizon two - three years “ - analyst UK " has explained „“; finam Management “ Maxim Kljagin.

However soon the situation has changed. As in mass-media Oleg Mkrtchjan recently has declared, money from bank he and has not waited, and in the come conditions of crisis it was necessary to make the decision on business sale. However negotiations of mister Mkrtchjana with real buyers, including the Omsk holding company “ the Action “ yet have not brought positive result. It became in this time clear that Open Company “ prodtorg “ Joint-Stock Company “ prodtorg “ and “ the Omsk trading alliance “ the basic retail operators “ the Partner - a retail “ will not sustain debt loading. In March they have been compelled to submit to Omsk arbitration claims about a recognition their bankrupts. Other companies listed in the claim “ the Trust “ most likely, are guarantors under bank credits.

these actions of the Omsk partner in bank name precisely strange. “ in infringement of the procedure established by joint-stock documents the bank partner (Oleg Mkrtchjan. - „“) has accepted on February, 5th, 2009 the decision on Open Company liquidation “ the Omsk trading alliance “ and Joint-Stock Company “ prodtorg “ Which, on strange coincidence of circumstances, coincide with the legal bodies who have obtained credits in our bank. Actions g - on Mkrtchjana on preliminary “ voluntary “ liquidations of the specified companies allow it to go according to the current legislation under the simplified scheme of bankruptcy of Open Company “ prodtorg “ Joint-Stock Company “ prodtorg “ and “ the Omsk trading alliance “ that handicaps creditors. With all these “ strangenesses “ the bank intends to understand “ - have underlined in a press - service “ the Trust “. In bank have noticed also that in the circumstances “ hardly it is possible to speak and about option realisation “.

the Date started of consideration of the claim of bank “ the Trust “ it will be defined by arbitration court later.