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Evgenie Parshuto became the first vitse - the mayor of Tomsk

Yesterday at session Tomsk gordumy deputies have confirmed of Evgenie Parshuto to the post the first vitse - the mayor. Earlier this post was occupied with Nikolay Nikolajchuk who has been selected on March, 15th by the mayor, and g - n Parshuto was vitse - the mayor on a development of the city and headed building and architecture department. Representing the candidate, g - n Nikolajchuk has reminded that last one and a half year that prosecuted subjects of town-planning and the ground policy. before Evgenie Parshuto there were serious problems. These questions caused fair censures of inhabitants of Tomsk and directly have been connected with corruption schemes of allocation of the ground areas - the mayor has told. In this time in Tomsk the general layout of a city and a land tenure and building rule has been developed and confirmed, instead of the preliminary coordination of the ground areas auctions are entered. The nominee g - on Parshuto has been supported unanimously. Itself the first vitse - the mayor has informed that intends to replace personnel structure of departments supervised by it, to increase the area of the leased municipal earth, and also to return control over sphere of housing and communal services to municipality. some management companies with municipality participation through which will pass both housing, and utility bills should be created. It is necessary to leave from the form of direct management as the most inefficient regarding service of multiroom apartment houses - it has explained. Since March, 18th all assistants to the mayor and the head of areas work under the urgent contract. Within a month the mayor has promised to develop new structure of management and to prepare orders about new appointments.