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The number of applicants for a post of the mayor of Sochi was reduced to 16 persons

two More applicants have withdrawn the statements for participation in elections on a post of the mayor of Sochi. The lawyer of the Krasnodar regional board Nadezhda Stupak and pensioner Arutjun Vareldzhan have refused ambitions of the town governor. But active propaganda work is conducted by ballerina Anastasia Volochkova, which as it was found out in radio station interview Echo Moscow has forgotten about the accessory to party an United Russia .
on March, 31st the certificate of the candidate on a post of the mayor of Sochi was received by the secretary of local branch of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation of Yury Dzaganija. The municipal electoral committee of Sochi has reminded that the representative of Communist Party has been put forward selective association, therefore for registration it did not need to bring selective pledge or to collect signatures. Businessman Pavel Emeljanenko and the co-chairman of movement " became the earlier officially registered candidates on a post of the mayor of Sochi; Solidarity Boris Nemtsov. Thus, now 16 persons participate in the selective company, three from them are registered as candidates.

Standing for mayors of Sochi ballerina Anastasia Volochkova has declared on March, 31st in radio station interview Echo Moscow that such mayor, which " is necessary for a city; created image of a city, drew to it attention of world community and involved tourists . The ballerina considers as such person itself, as it know all over the world . Volochkova has noticed that it does not have political experience, however she does not consider it as a lack. The ballerina really has appeared is so far from a policy, what even has forgotten about the accessory to party an United Russia . I am now exposed as the independent candidate, I do not consist in party ( an United Russia .-). I not the person of the Kremlin, but at the same time I not the person of opposition - Volochkova has told. However the representative a press - services an United Russia has informed that the ballerina is in lists of party members: It is the party member since 2003 .

At this Volochkova has declared sympathies for supervising party. I feel our spiritual support: mine - an United Russia and an United Russia - me - the ballerina has told. Head Tsentrispolkoma of United Russia party members Andrey Vorobev has confirmed reciprocity of friendly feelings Volochkovoj and parties, having noticed thus that does not see a problem in its promotion in mayors of Sochi. it - the well-known, magnificent ballerina. But we have already made the work, having proposed the candidate - has told Sparrows.