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Cellular operators will condense frequencies

At yesterday`s session GKRCH also has confirmed is frequency - the territorial plan for the first multiplex - a package of TV channels which will extend free of charge for subscribers. The digital announcement of the channels which have entered into its structure will be made in a range 470 - 862 MHz. Into structure of the first multiplex have entered the First channel Russia to Conduct Plus Culture Sports the Children`s channel NTV, the Fifth channel and radio stations Radio of Russia the Beacon and to Conduct FM .

According to the concept of the federal target program Development of digital tele-radio broadcasting in the Russian Federation on 2009 - 2015 confirmed in the end of the last year, by 2015 the listed channels should be accessible 95 % of the population of the Russian Federation. As representatives of Minkomsvjazi have explained yesterday, now they will start works on allocation of strips of frequencies for the second and third multiplexes (also should enter by 2015). Concept FTSP assumes that the channels which have entered into them also will be free for the population, but unlike the first multiplex, them will construct partially or completely on means of commercial structures.