Rus News Journal


Head export Gazprom Alexander Medvedev

has informed that export falling in the far abroad in 2009 will make about 12 % by last year. Deliveries will be reduced with 158,8 mlrd in cubic m in 2008 to 140 billion in cubic m. According to mister Medvedev, the average price of deliveries to Europe is predicted at level of $260 for thousand in cubic m. Initially Gazprom planned to put to Europe more than 160 mlrd cubic m of gas, then a top - managers of monopoly named export volume at level 148 mlrd cubic m. Thus, the company will miss from $62,5 million to $200 million at the current prices. Gazprom planned to put in the far abroad in January - March 43,6 mlrd cubic m of gas in cost more than $1,5 billion However, according to preliminary data, raw materials export will make no more than 30 mlrd cubic m. In Gazprom Have explained that the basic falling is connected with reduction of purchases from Ukraine. our partners have asked to lower deliveries with 50 mlrd cubic m last year to 33 mlrd cubic m in 2009. Other countries observe contract frameworks and while anybody from them has not lowered consumption, and Poland even has increased it - have noted in the company. In monopoly say that in summertime demand will grow: the countries will start to fill the stocks lifted during gas war with Ukraine from underground storehouses. Earlier Alexander Medvedev said that the most part of export deliveries is insured by the mechanism take or pay (take or pay), thus the company is not interested in realisation of great volumes of gas at the low price.


the Pension fund of Russia
has not had time to list in time to management companies money resources of the citizens who have chosen them for management by a memory part of pension in 2007. to Make it PFR should till the March, 31st, however yesterday interrogated managing directors have declared that money from PFR it has not arrived. Earlier a delay in transfer of means (150 mlrd rbl., including veb) to managing directors in PFR explained absence of the governmental order (see from March, 6th). The Deputy head of department of a financial policy of the Ministry of Finance Andrey Vorontsov has declared yesterday that the corresponding decision has been let out still on March, 30th. In PFR have told yesterday that date of sending of means will be defined by managing director on Friday at meeting at vitse - prime minister Alexey Kudrin.


NK Rosneft
has informed that till April, 10th will sign trejdingovyj the contract with Transneft about sale of oil within the limits of the Chinese credits. According to head Rosneft Sergey Bogdanchikova, within the limits of the contract the company will sell oil Transneft or its affiliated structure which will deliver raw materials to China. Russia and China have signed on February, 17th documents on credits Rosneft on $15 mlrd and Transneft on $10 mlrd in exchange for long-term deliveries of oil from Russia. In Transneft have specified that will sell oil to China at the same price, as to get at Rosneft . Necessity of trade in oil in Transneft explain a condition of the Chinese party which was ready to allocate means only under guarantees of deliveries of raw materials. Volume of oil which is planned to buy, in Transneft have refused to specify. In total Russian companies were obliged to deliver to China annually 15 million tons of oil within 20 years.