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On April, 1st

the Magnet
will publish financial results for the fourth quarter 2008 on MSFO. The company already declared that its gain concerning the last quarter practically has not changed in dollar expression, despite rouble easing on 16 % in the last quarter of last year. Therefore interest in investors is caused by indicators of net profit and EBITDA. According to a consensus - to the forecast of analysts of eight Russian and foreign banks, the company gain in the fourth quarter will make $1,42 mlrd that almost on third there is more than indicator of year prescription ($1,1 mlrd) and all on 3 % below an indicator of previous quarter. Principal causes of growth of a gain are aggressive rates of development of a retail network (per 2008 it has been opened 382 new shops from which 11 hypermarkets), and also growth of comparable sales (on 19 % in rouble expression). According to analysts Junikredit Sekjuritis In full force the accent of the company on a mass segment of the market just also was showed in the end of the last year. a magnet the only thing from public operators of networks of grocery shops has achieved traffic increase. Thanks to high rates of increase of a comparable gain, increase in operational efficiency during the accounting period it is expected more than double growth EBITDA in comparison with the same period of 2007 - from $56 million to $114,75 million However in connection with growth of percentage expenses on service of rouble debts, and also increase in capital expenses at building of new shops net profit the Magnet will show less essential growth. According to the forecast of analysts, it will make $49,41 million that all on 35 % above value of 2007 and on 7 % below an indicator of previous quarter.