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Rosspirtprom has extinguished Green mark

Founders of one of the most successful vodka brands in Russia - Green mark - will work now on the state. As it became known were a top - managers of holding Russian alcohol (owns Green mark ) Vladimir Ivanov and Vadim Kasyanov yesterday have been appointed by assistants to the general director of Open Society Rosspirtprom (provides 40 % of all manufacture of spirit and 16 % of vodka in the country) Igor Alyoshin.
Aktsionirovannoe in January FGUP Rosspirtprom yet did not declare a new command a top - managers. A source close to Rosimushchestvu, has informed that last week the general director of the company had been appointed Igor Alyoshin, earlier - the general director of Open Society the Moscow factory the Crystal which copes Rosspirtpromom . According to the source, the corresponding order was signed by deputy head Rosimushchestva Yury Medvedev. In a press - department service have confirmed officially this information.

yesterday mister Alyoshin has appointed Vladimir Ivanov`s first deputy, and the assistant - Vadim Kasyanov. Both managers occupying before a post zamgendirektora and the commercial director accordingly in holding Russian alcohol have confirmed transition in a state company. According to mister Ivanov, they have received the offer on work from former general director FGUP Igor Chujana (since January supervises over Federal Agency of regulation of the alcoholic market) and not for long doubted .

Open Society Rosspirtprom it is registered on January, 16th, 2009 to execute governmental order N 1014 from December, 29th, 2007. 100 % of actions of Open Society - in the state property. Within 2009 on balance of Open Society assets FGUP " will be transferred; Rosspirtprom (objects of real estate, the ground areas, actions and the trade marks estimated in 9 mlrd rbl.), and in management - 11 enterprises (including the Moscow factory the Crystal ) Which state blocks of shares FGUP in 2008 has transferred VTB on account of payment of the debt in 5 mlrd rbl. In 2008 entering in Rosspirtprom the enterprises have let out about 40 % of all spirit and 16 % (19,9 million has given) all vodka and likerovodochnyh products in the country. A turn in 2008 - more than $1 billion

In a new post mister Ivanov will carry out an operative management, and Vadim Kasyanov to carry out commercial to the policy. Till the end of the year they promise to be engaged cleaning a portfolio of brands Rosspirtproma to create obshchefederalnuju system of distribution and one - two new obshchefederalnyh a brand in a price niche Green mark (130 - 140 rbl. for 0,5 l. - ) and more low . In crisis it is the most perspective segments - mister Kasyanov explains. Managers do not open the size of the budget allocated for it, but, according to Vladimir Ivanov, they count on credits of the State Banks and a state guarantee.

today the most sold vodka Rosspirtproma - Old Moscow occupying 1,4 % of the market on cost in 2008, by data Analytics Business (BA). At misters Ivanov and Kasyanov of achievement vesomee: in 2002 managers have created vodka Green mark. Glavspirttrest (year later have sold to its group Industrial investors Sergey Generalova also have passed to it to work in holding Russian alcohol ) Which became the most sold in the country. According to BA, a share Green mark in the market has increased from 0,3 % in 2004 to 9 % following the results of 2008.

arrival of managers from the private company can mean that the state any more does not want to play a passive role in alcoholic branch, the head of the Center of researches of the federal and regional markets of alcohol Vadim Drobiz speaks. Present leaders - Russian alcohol the Synergy - became them because state factories were systematically closed, releasing the market - he considers.