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The North Korea has lifted a warhead

Reconnaissance services of the USA and South Korea have received data that Pyongyang has managed to solve for the first time technical problems on creation of compact nuclear warheads for the ballistic missiles. If to trust the messages which have appeared yesterday, this weapon is already ready to application that qualitatively changes military - a political situation in the Far East. With details - correspondent ITAR - TASS in Japan VASILY - GOLOVNIN, specially for .
the Shocking information on success of Pyongyang in creation of the nuclear weapon suitable for real use has arrived yesterday in Japanese mass-media from Daniel Pinkstona - the regional head of international organisation International Crisis Group which is engaged in studying of conflicts and as believe, has good contacts in the western investigations. This research centre head the former commissioner of the European Union on external relations Christopher Patten and eks - the ambassador of the USA in Moscow Thomas Pikering, its employees work in 60 countries on four continents.

according to International Crisis Group, intelligence services of the USA and South Korea knew that Pyongyang after long failures has managed to create at least two plutonium warheads for the ballistic missiles Nodon range of 1300 km. They are stored in separate underground storehouses in the north of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea. Expert International Crisis Group could not name their arrangement, however believes that warehouses take place near to bases of rockets Nodon which are in provinces of Phenan - Pukto, Chagando and Jangando.

Warheads contain in the disassembled condition, and on their assemblage, allegedly, it is necessary for fighting application one - two days. Creation of this weapon, its service and protection the special organisation knows. It is deduced from structure of armed forces and submits to directly North Korean leader Kim Jong II.

past January Pyongyang was visited by the American military experts to whom the authorities of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea have informed on presence in the country of the plutonium received on the only thing of 38,5 kg, nowadays stopped nuclear reactor. From this volume as it has been told, 30,8 kg are already used for weapon creation. At the same time Americans consider that Democratic People`s Republic of Korea has not less than 50 kg of plutonium from which it is already made six - seven charges.

till now in the USA and South Korea believed that Democratic People`s Republic of Korea does not possess technologies of creation of warheads which can be established on the rocket. Besides the small sizes they should maintain still and powerful overheating at occurrence in atmosphere dense beds. Experts including in Russia, have been convinced that Pyongyang in a condition to create only primitive and very massive devices which it is rather difficult to name the real weapon. As believe, such rough bomb has been blown up in October, 2006 when Democratic People`s Republic of Korea has spent the first and while last nuclear test.

in 2006 at session of a military management of South Korea it was ascertained that the nuclear ammunition made in Democratic People`s Republic of Korea weighs from two to three tons. Pyongyang as was considered earlier, could use for their delivery to the purpose only out-of-date Soviet bombers available for it Silt - 28 which consider as easy targets for modern air defence.

however creation of warheads for rockets gives to Pyongyang the real nuclear weapon of the first blow. The North Korea, by the American calculations, has about 200 ready to application Nodonov Including mounted on automobile tractors that sharply reduces possibility of their detection and destruction. These rockets developed on the basis of out-of-date Soviet Skad - With basically have been put on arms in 1997 - 98 years. Nodony can bear a warhead in weight to 700 kg and are capable to amaze the purposes in extensive area, including Vladivostok, Beijing, Seoul and Tokyo. Accuracy of hit of these rockets is insignificant, however presence of a nuclear warhead eliminates such lack at blow on densely populated areas of South Korea or Japan.

message International Crisis Group has appeared against extreme growth of nervousness in the Far East in connection with demonstrative preparation of Pyongyang for start him the powerful rocket Ynha - 2 ( the Milky Way - 2 ) Which as it has been declared, should put into orbit a communication satellite. Unlike mobile and fast in use Nodonov it is prepared for flight by some weeks. Of Washington, Seoul and Tokyo are convinced that it is a question of test of an intercontinental ballistic missile which as already declared Pyongyang, should fly by over territory of Japan towards open waters of Pacific ocean. Yesterday, by the way, in capital of this country have passed civil defence doctrines on a start-up case the Milky Way . As it has appeared, really to notify megacity population about danger of falling on it razgonnoj step or fragment of this rocket is almost impossible, as time of approach from Democratic People`s Republic of Korea to Japan makes only ten minutes.