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The claim of parents of the victim in Kondopoga

Petrozavodsk city court is partially satisfied on April, 16th has passed the decision under the claim of local resident Alexander Slezova to a number of the ministries of Kareliya and Russia. The court has decided the complaint of the claimant partially to satisfy and has obliged the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation to pay to Slezovu of 100 thousand rbl. we Will remind, Alexander Slezova Grigory`s son became a victim of knifing at restaurant “ the Seagull “ in August, 2006.
as compensation of mental cruelty the inhabitant of Petrozavodsk Alexander Slezov demanded 500 thousand rbl. the Occasion to a reference to the court the suspended sentence for shown was taken out concerning operative on duty Kondopozhsky GOVD Alexey Kostin during events of August, 2006 a negligence. We will remind, then fight at restaurant “ the Seagull “ has poured out in mass Anticaucasian pogroms in a city.

According to the claimant, the  destruction of son Grigory was a consequence of the negligent relation to Alexey Kostin`s direct duties. However to be defined with the ministry against which it is necessary to bring an action, it has appeared more difficult. As respondents from which budget the salary could be paid to employee GOVD, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kareliya, administration of Kondopozhsky area, the Ministry of Finance of republic and the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation appeared. All these departments do not consider as direct respondents of, declaring that mental cruelty compensation it is necessary to demand from Grigory Slezova`s direct murderers.

During present session, judge Ekaterina Stepanova has come to a conclusion that the salary to Kostin was paid by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, however the claim sum has been reduced to 100 thousand tubas. Representatives of the respondent with a judgement do not agree, as, as they said, Kostin only temporarily fulfilled duties of the operative person on duty whereas on the basic post got wages from the municipal budget.