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an United Russia will meet the 1st of May columns

Gensovet of party an United Russia has made the decision on carrying out of processions and mass actions in honour of the 1st of May together with trade unions. However, under data the party in power and trade unions cannot agree in any way, what methods is better to constrain the social pressure of workers caused by crisis. Communists try to use it.
the people, Medvedev, Putin - together we will win! the wrongful dismissal is equal to a crime - these and other slogans has prepared an United Russia for mass actions in honour of Day of the international solidarity of workers on May, 1st. Only on the Tver street in Moscow the party plans to spend about 4 thousand persons. However, at the presidium which has taken place on Wednesday gensoveta it is definitive rechovki and have not been confirmed, as in this respect there were disagreements with trade unions. Them it decided to finish.

The matter is that trade unions (the largest partners an United Russia - FNPR and Solidarity ) On places have appeared are not ready to processions exclusively under slogans of support of the anti-recessionary program of the government and under the pressure of rank-and-file members have offered more radical slogans. In a number of regions can reach that trade unions will go a separate column from an United Russia that into party plans does not enter.

so, in the Tver region where on elections in the City Council communists on March, 1st have won, the regional Federation of trade unions has gone on rapprochement with the city authorities to a counterbalance the regional. the party in power has practically withdrawn from attempts to affect the decisions accepted by a regional management. Instead of more actively participating in struggle against crisis in region where it proceeds especially hard for the overwhelming majority of the enterprises and establishments, there are hardly probable not continuous public relations - has declared the head of federation Valery Koreshkov.

in St.-Petersburg the latent competition between FNPR and " has become aggravated; Solidarity (in St.-Petersburg there is its staff - apartment) - between them as between two fires, there were United Russia party members. we do not have organizational possibility to pass a separate column and to hold separate meeting, - the leader of Federation of trade unions of St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region Vladimir Derbin has complained. - All want to go under the Neva prospectus on Palace Square! Though on May, 1st is the trade-union day, all Party members why - that consider as the debt to be lighted .

In St.-Petersburg on May, 1st all will be normal. Only together we will represent force which will deduce the country from crisis. It understand both in FNPR, and in Solidarity . Besides last in an individual order simply does not possess possibilities to carry out mass actions - has declared a member of presidium gensoveta an United Russia representing FNPR Andrey Isaev. Thus he has separately underlined that trade unions become the main organizers of celebrating on May, 1st. However, under data initially United Russia party members were intend to play the first violin in the organisation of mass processions, definition of their ideological filling and structure of participants. But, apparently, the party should make a compromise. thousand actions on May, 1st when on demonstration there are families with children, became kind tradition which we support. Traditionally it was done by trade unions, but also we do not stand aside - the head of executive committee " has modestly defined a place of party; an United Russia Andrey Vorobev.

meanwhile communists plan to organise on May, 1st the mass processions and count on support of trade unions. As has declared the deputy of the State Duma, the secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Vadim Solovev, party carries on negotiations with trade unions for leaving on the action with joint slogans. Management of trade unions all in an United Russia but on places trade-union figures have to disappear, their salary depends on payments, and against the people they cannot go - has explained mister Solovev. The Communist Party of the Russian Federation counts that the part of trade unions will pass in the near future in opposition.

, St.-Petersburg; VICTOR - BOGDANOV, Tver