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on April, 15th the State Duma has approved of NEWS in the third, definitive reading of the amendment to the law About the basic guarantees of the rights of the child in the Russian Federation providing, in particular, possibility to establish a curfew for children and teenagers. The amendments brought at the initiative of the president of the Russian Federation, allow to forbid subjects of federation the laws to children till 18 years (if they are not accompanied by adults) to be with 22. 00 to 06. 00 in public places. The interdiction can be imposed on occurrence in any places, the finding in which can harm health of children, their physical, intellectual, mental, spiritual and moral development . The list of such places in each region will be defined by special commissions of experts. Originally a curfew It was offered to establish for persons is more younger 14 years, but as a result members of parliament have decided to lift an age lath to 18. The State Duma deputies of Moscow City Council have gone To day of adoption of law further concerning care of children, having supported the bill which enters strict sanctions for sale of alcoholic drinks and beer, and also tobacco products the minor. Authors of the document in which number a little influential deputies of the State Duma, suggest to add the Code about administrative offences with the norm granting the right to corresponding services for three months to stop activity of sellers - infringers. Alternatively it is offered to fine sellers for the sum to 40 thousand rbl. with confiscation of a subject of an administrative offence . Representatives of the alcoholic and tobacco industry support any toughening of sanctions but believe that they will really not work.

Networks the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, Association of the companies of retail trade (AKORT) show consciousness
, and RSPP the code of interaction of trading networks and suppliers of foodstuff have decided to develop the Union of independent networks. According to representative RSPP Ivan Obolentseva, in the code the list of products in which relation of a network should reduce a delay of payment of deliveries will be specified and refuse bonuses from sales. The list will consist of two lists. In the first (including low-fat milk, bread, sugar, oil), socially significant 20 products will enter into the second - 200 products of process industry. The delay of payments on the goods from the first list should make no more than 14 days, on the goods of the second - no more than 30. Suppliers who are engaged in alcoholic production, bonus confectionery, delikatesnymi seafood, remain out of document action. Representative AKORT Ilya Belonovsky has informed that the code concerns 90 % of the enterprises - pererabotchikov both manufacturers in the Russian Federation and its introduction will be caused by decrease in profit of trading networks. Experts believe that a retail, having refused a part of bonuses, compensates losses at the expense of rise in prices for the goods which have not entered in one of lists, for example on alcohol. Representatives of networks assert that the price in connection with a new situation do not intend to rise, however the head of the Center of researches of the federal and regional market of alcohol Vadim Drobiz considers that networks will find a way to beat off losses: they will sell the Part of the goods more cheaply, but will recoup on others . The analyst also reminds that network retail trade is not base in Russia: Networks occupy no more than 15 % of the market, they dominates only in big cities .

Pensions prepare UNREAL MONEY for restart
the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev has declared that since 2010 increase of pensions to the senior generation will allow to reduce number of those who received pension below a living wage, such will be about 3,2 million . Thus, Medvedev, " has added; the rest will establish social surcharge from the federal budget and budgets of subjects of federation, as a result in 2010 of payments to pensioners below living level in the country any more will not be . There will be it at the expense of new extra charges for the Soviet experience and replacements of the uniform social tax (unified social tax) insurance payments. The last, according to the president, will allow to start since January, 1st, 2010 new model of pension system in which principles of formation of incomes will change. Let`s notice that in the autumn of last year of the power have decided to replace since 2010 of unified social tax with insurance payments that should increase deductions of employers with 26 to 34 % from payment fund. Now the president has informed that the rate of insurance payments in 26 % will be kept till 2011, but subsequently nevertheless will increase. We will remind, now the labour pension is formed of three parts: base, insurance and memory. The base unit is established by the state in the form of the fixed sum, its source is unified social tax. The insurance part is financed from insurance payments which are a deduction from unified social tax and make 14 % from the salary. These two forms of deductions go on payment of pensions to present pensioners. The memory part of pension is formed at the expense of deductions in 6 % from the salary of persons more youngly 1967 year of birth. These deductions are invested in stock market. About 90 % of accumulation of citizens (343 mlrd rbl.) Operates veb, these are means of so-called taciturn persons, other accumulation invest the private companies. Meanwhile, as the assistant to head Minzdravsotsrazvitija Yury Voronin has informed, in the ministry intend to study prospects of cancellation of an obligatory memory part of pension. If this project is carried out, all pension deductions of working citizens will go on current payments to pensioners, and to form own pension accumulation it will be possible only in a private order. As experts mark, to count that at such system the future generations will provide to present workers worthy pension, in a modern demographic situation it is not necessary.

the Prices grow without demand
According to given Rosstata, in March in comparison with February, 2009 of the price of manufacturers have grown more than on 4 %. Rosstat fixes this growth on the basis of calculations of a summary indicator of wholesale prices of manufacturers PPI (Producer Price Index). Since December, 2008 till February 2009 - go wholesale prices against falling of world demand promptly decreased. The falling maximum level has been established in November, 2008 - 8,4 %. In March in comparison with February, 2009 PPI has risen on 4,1 % after growth on 2,9 % in February. Analysts notice that as the basic component PPI - the export prices for raw materials, a primary factor of growth of the industrial prices is stabilisation and small lifting of wholesale prices in the world markets. Really, according to Rosstata, wholesale prices in oil recovery and gas sphere, thanks to growth of the world prices for oil, have increased in March in comparison with February, 2009 by 28,7 %. However wholesale prices grow and in processing manufactures which are focused on internal consumption. In the majority of processing branches PPI in March grew everywhere. In manufacture of foodstuff, including drinks and tobacco, - on 1,1 %; in chemical manufacture - on 3,1 %; in metallurgy - on 2 %. However experts do not dare to connect increase in the industrial prices with demand restoration in economy and explain this growth by inflation of costs of the manufacturers, provoked by rise in price of export raw materials and components.

an industrial production index in the Russian Federation
October, 2008 - 102,8
November, 2008 - 89,2
December, 2008 - 103,8
January, 2009 - 80,1
February, 2009 - 106,4
March, 2009 - 111,1

Source: Rosstat; the data in percentage by last month.

to Mortgage borrowers will facilitate a fate
on April, 14th council of Agency about re-structuring of mortgage housing credits (ARIZHK), following the government recommendation, has decided to soften standards of re-structuring of a mortgage. Former criteria are considered too rigid: refusals have received 52 % of the mortgage borrowers who have addressed in ARIZHK behind the help in connection with loss or reduction of the income. Now, for example, re-structure mortgage loans buyers of rooms can. If earlier to count on the help of agency it was possible only after sale almost all liquid property now it is a question only of the property which sale is possible during certain time (concrete term it is still discussed). If cost of property does not cover payments on a mortgage loan within a year the requirement of its sale will be removed. General director ARIZHK Andrey Jazykov has added that in new norms possibility of re-structuring for the women which incomes have decreased from - for leaving in a maternity leave will be described. In total in Russia by January, 1st it has been given out 340,3 thousand mortgage loans. From October till March the share of the delayed rouble mortgage loans, according to the Central Bank, has grown with 0,4 to 0,9 %, at currency delay has increased with 1,05 to 2,9 %. The Total amount of the given out mortgage loans exceeds 1 trln rbl.

Tea demands injections
In January - February the Federal customs service has fixed decrease in import of tea to Russia more than on a quarter concerning the same period of 2008, and recession has appeared identical in natural and monetary expressions. In 2008 tea import remained at level 2007 - go in natural expression - 182 thousand tons and has grown on 18 % in monetary, to $510,9 million Reduction of deliveries of tea approximately on 25 % to Russia for the first months of this year the chairman of the council on tea of India ascertained also Basudeb Banerdzhi (India - the second after Shri - Lanki the supplier of tea to Russia from shares about 26 %). In association Roschajkofe Confirm this data, explaining that last months local manufacturers of tea (80 % of finished goods on the market deliver domestic chaerazvesochnye factories) reduced volumes of warehouse stocks. If earlier stocks became on four - six months, now a maximum for one month. Rise in price of credits for the Russian manufacturers of tea with 13 to 23 % annual has already led to growth of retail prices for 15 %. To avoid the further rise in price, association Roschajkofe has addressed to vitse - to prime minister Victor Zubkov with the request to allow manufacturers to be financed in Rosselhozbanke on favourable terms. Requirements of branch for short-term credits for raw materials purchase are estimated in 6 mlrd rbl. we Will notice that, according to the company Comcon in the first quarter of this year consumers of tea of named 94 % of Russians, a year before - 94,6 %.

Import of tea to Russia (January - February, 2009)
Natural volume of import (thousand tons) - 22
Monetary volume of import ($ million) - 6,1
Decrease by January - to February, 2008 (%) - 26

Source: Federal customs service.

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