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The East Siberian oil have approved privileges

the Political decision on granting of privileges under the export duty on oil from deposits of Eastern Siberia it is accepted. Polemic about ways of its realisation has gone down on level of executors. On April, 9th vitse - prime minister Igor Sechin has given to profile departments week on development of the co-ordinated project of the decision. Term expires today but while all discussed decisions to some extent do not keep within the current legislation.
the export duty on oil from the East Siberian deposits will be nulled. “ the decision is already accepted the chairman of the government Vladimir Putin, and the Ministry of Finance supports it “ - the head of the Ministry of Finance Alexey Kudrin has declared on Wednesday.

the government in February has agreed with necessity of granting to the East Siberian deposits of privileges on payment of the export duty and has charged to departments to prepare by April, 10th offers. At meeting on April, 9th at vitse - prime minister Igor Sechina it was found out that the decision project on - former is not co-ordinated, as all offered measures are included into contradictions with the legislation (see„ “From April, 11th). On completion a week has been given departments even, however on Wednesday in the ministries and could not explain, what mechanism of administration of a privilege will be used. Having received the corresponding commission of the prime minister, Ministry for the Power Generating Industry at first suggested to write down simply in the project of the decision a privilege for Eastern Siberia, but has come across the protest of the Ministry of Finance: according to the law “ About custom duties “ the duty assesses not the Eastern Siberia, and the goods - oil. The Ministry of Economics suggested to subsidise to the companies the duty rate is an offer also has been rejected. Now the variant offered by Alexey Kudrin is studied - to develop for the East Siberian oil a separate commodity code, to register a new grade of oil and to null for it the duty.

as has explained„ “zamglavy department it is customs - tariff payments of the Ministry of Finance Alexander Sakovich, experts of department have directed a negative response and on the offer of mister Kudrin. “ There is GOST of 2002 „Oil crude“, four classes, five types. I do not know that here it is possible to allocate still “ - it has explained. Besides, as he said, unresolved there is a question with privilege administration: the East Siberian oil will go on oil pipeline VSTO mixed up with West Siberian. According to the expert if volumes of the East Siberian oil handed over in a pipe will supervise “ Transneft “ the similar scheme will bear in itself danger of corruption. In the Ministry of Finance specify in huge danger of granting of similar privileges basically: today the Ministry of Finance says to everything that granting of individual privileges is impossible and as soon as there will be a first gap, this argument will not be. The situation can repeat has begun 1990 - h years when the duty actually did not operate as all received privileges.

in Ministry for the Power Generating Industry which is the head executor of the document, could not comment on a course of work on the decision. Despite deadlines which were established to departments by Igor Sechin, for a solution of a problem the government still has time: VSTO it is supposed to start in the end of 2009. Decrease in the rate of the export duty for all companies without an exception that will allow them to save more means can become the alternative decision of the problem put by the prime minister and to direct them on development of Eastern Siberia. Similar offers officially were not disclosed yet, but, by data „“, discussed in the Ministry of Finance.