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Lyudmila Narusova has mixed Ours with fascists

Movement Ours has submitted the claim about protection of honour, advantage and business reputation to the senator to Lyudmila Narusovoj and news agency Rosbalt . Claimants demand on 500 thousand rbl. from each respondent that in interview to agency madam Narusova has compared actions Ours on to burning of books on Red Square with the Hitlerite. Books were really destroyed, but not burnt, and burnt, and not Ours and Going together under the direction of the founder of two organisations, nowadays heads of Federal agency of affairs of youth of Vasily Jakemenko. Madam Narusova has informed that it is ready to readdress charges.
the remark of the senator of Lyudmila Narusovoj has sounded in interview to agency Rosbalt . It began the answer to the recent offer of the head of Ministry of Internal Affairs Rashida Nurgalieva to close the project the House - 2 For morals reasons. Having stood up for daughter Xenia Sobchak, conducting the teleproject on channel TNT, madam Narusova has declared: When active workers of movement Ours burn books on Red Square, it reminds of Hitlerite actions. Here it should be forbidden, instead of television show .

Ours have submitted to Presnensky court the claim about protection of honour, advantage and business reputation to madam Narusovoj and the printed interview to news agency. According to the lawyer of movement Sergey Zhorina, to respondents are incriminated distribution of unreliable information that active workers of movement burnt books, especially on Red Square an appeal to a movement interdiction, and also comparison of its activity from the Hitlerite. comparison of movement with the fascist is especially inadmissible, as movement is called as antifascist - has specified mister Zhorin.

According to the item 152 Civil codes, Ours demand from the senator and the edition on 500 thousand rbl., and also an information refutation. if to demand the small sum, ill-wishers will immediately tell that Ours low estimate the advantage. Though it is clear that any court will not confirm such sum of indemnification: a maximum in similar practice - 50 thousand rbl. - mister Zhorin explains.

By a recognition of the lawyer, Ours tried to phone to madam Narusovoj to find out, whether she was mistaken. However without having phoned, have gone to court. we do not quarrel, but this normal behaviour for any public organisation, - has explained the federal commissioner Ours Nikita Borovikov. - At us in the manifesto it is written: construction of a civil society. And I consider that irrespective of the biography of the person which speaks about us, we can undertake reciprocal actions . Besides, the theme of legal nihilism " is now popular; - lawyer Zhorin has explained sense of struggle Ours against madam Narusovoj.

it is curious that madam Narusova has really made an actual mistake. It has mixed movement Ours with the predecessor - the organisation Going together . Both movements have been created by the active worker of youth building Vasily Jakemenko who became subsequently the head of Federal agency of youth affairs. The action on destruction of books of Vladimir Sorokin which was meant by madam Narusova, spent Going together from which Ours have hastened otkrestitsja. we have general members, but as a whole a difference huge - Nikita Borovikov speaks. Besides, Ours remind that books active workers Going together did not burn, and heated in a self-made toilet bowl. And there was it not on Red Square, and at a Bolshoi theatre building.

madam Narusova has informed that has received from Ours the letter with a statement of their claims, but with a claim essence it is not familiar yet: It is necessary to look and understand. It seems, I have mixed them. But then it is ready to apologise before Ours and to rename - to tell that spoke not about Ours and about others .