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Boris Nemtsov has made the complaint in electoral committee of Sochi

One of applicants for a post of the mayor of Sochi, the co-chairman of movement Solidarity Boris Nemtsov has made in municipal electoral committee the complaint to taking place compulsion of employees of some the Sochi actions to preschedule voting. Thus, according to Nemtsov, the right of the voter to voluntary participation in elections is broken. In municipal electoral committee the complaint have received, but have warned that its consideration will occupy some days.
in the widespread statement of a pre-election staff of Boris Nemtsov it is noticed that in territorial election committees of Sochi in a mass order deliver citizens for preschedule voting . Judging by working clothes of voters, on elections they go directly from workplaces and, according to Nemtsov`s staff, do it under the pressure of administration of the enterprises. It is a question of employees Adler - a resort sanatorium the Southern beach A kindergarten 46, the Adler market, hospital and district clinic of Lazarevsky area. The same situation was observed, by words a press - secretary Nemtsov Olga Shorinoj, in the Central and Hostinsky disctricts of the city.

in this case positions about free and voluntary participation of citizens in elections actually are not carried out. Territorial election committees do not find out, on what basis voters want to vote ahead of schedule, whether have proved their reason for preschedule voting and whether they can really arrive on polling district to day of voting - it is underlined in the document. In this case, in its opinion, norms of the current legislation about free elections are broken.

possibility ahead of schedule to vote for one of applicants for an armchair of the town governor at inhabitants of Sochi has appeared from 08:00 (Moscow time) on April, 16th. By the present moment the preferences have already stated an order of 1,5 thousand voters. In municipal electoral committee underline that as the basis for preschedule voting the state of health, employment on a workplace or departure from a city can serve.

in the meantime the complaint of one of candidates, businessman Alexander Lebedev to a recognition of its registration illegal remained without satisfaction. We will remind, the district court decision has been based on found out in the financial account of the candidate doubtful data, and also on illegal, according to court, a payment of money resources into the selective account of the candidate. In municipal electoral committee the corresponding judgement concerning Lebedev did not arrive, therefore officially it is listed applicants for a post of the mayor of Sochi.