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The Office of Public Prosecutor has announced charge to Platon Lebedev

Office of Public Prosecutor has finished announcement in court of the bill of particulars on the second criminal case in the relation eks - the head of MFO MENATEP Platon Lebedev. The bill of particulars has started to become engrossed in reading in court of state public prosecutor Valery Lahtinym on April, 7th. Earlier charge in the relation eks - heads of YUKOS Michael Khodorkovsky has been announced. Defendants and their lawyers have informed that the essence of the brought accusations for them remains not clear.
as Lebedev Konstantin Rivkin`s lawyer has explained earlier, the plot of the bill of particulars on business of its client makes about 140 pages, and on a charge reading together with the conclusions it is required not less than 10 working days.

at last - that was made a miracle and announcement of the bill of particulars finished. On Monday the following stage of litigation - judicial examination " will begin; - has told on April, 16th Khodorkovsky Natalia Terekhov`s lawyer. She has noticed that, according to procedure, on April, 20th chairman of the court Victor Danilkin should learn from figurants of business, whether clearly it the brought accusation. our clients will make statements with the requirement to explain a charge essence as we repeatedly declared that the essence of charge is not clear neither to Khodorkovsky and Lebedev, nor us - the lawyer has told. She has noticed that in the bill of particulars is not registered, how oil, who and when has found out its shortage was appropriated. we have again heard a heap of figures, weight of names of the various companies, set of terms, but only not an essence of the shown charges - has told Terekhov.

earlier Khodorkovsky already declared the petition to court in which specified that essence of charges to it it is not explained and not clear . Khodorkovsky then has sympathised with the judge as, on its opinion, to take out even a verdict of guilty, being based on such muffled bill of particulars, inconveniently. The public prosecutor has noticed that if Khodorkovsky did not understand a charge essence would not submit against it the petition.

we will remind, on March, 3rd in Hamovnichesky court of Moscow preliminary hearings on the new criminal case raised in the relation of Michael Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev have begun. The bill of particulars on this business in Khodorkovsky and Lebedev`s relation has been confirmed by the State Office of Public Prosecutor on February, 16th. As has informed then the representative of the State Office of Public Prosecutor, during preliminary investigation it is established that accused of structure of the organised group with the basic shareholders of Open Society NK YUKOS and other persons have stolen during the period with 1998 for 2003 by assignment of large volumes of oil of affiliated oil-extracting joint-stock companies of Open Society NK YUKOS - Open Society Samaraneftegaz Open Society Yuganskneftegaz and Open Society Tomskneft - VNK for the sum more than 892 mlrd rbl., and also have legalised in the large size the money resources received from realisation of oil stolen in the specified period for a total sum, exceeding 487 mlrd rbl. and $7,5 billion