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Vitaly Vantsev has taken off from Rosavia

the Co-owner of airport Vnukovo Vitaly Vantsev who has not worked well together with managers Rostehnology leaves a post of the general director of airline Rosavia . Instead of it at the initiative of state corporation the company which she creates together with the government of Moscow, Boris Korol will head the deputy minister of transport. Experts consider that the former official will be engaged in coordination of the project with state bodies, and the manager who will be engaged in a project air unit, Rostehnologii will search still.
yesterday board of directors Rosavia has made the decision on change of the general director of the company. Instead of its Vitaly Vantseva Boris Korol will head retiring with a post of the deputy minister of transport. The mister the King remains in board of directors Rosavia and the ministry in it will be represented by the former general director Aeroflot Valery Okulov appointed the deputy minister this week. Zamgendirektora Rosavia there was a former head WIM - avia the Novel Pahomov holding now a post of the chief executive belonging government of Moscow Atlant - the Union . On it a set a top - managers Rosavia will not end: vacant there is a post of the chief executive. It offered the financial director Aeroflot to Michael Polubojarinovu, but that has refused. Other candidates while are not present, but Rostehnologii will search for the person on this post: never Boris Korol working in business will be engaged first of all in coordination of the project with state structures, and the skilled manager is necessary for it in the help, marks a source close to Rosavia .

Vitaly Vantsev was not only the general director Rosavia but also the nominal owner of Open Society Airline Which should become the legal body of a new carrier. But the councillor of directors Rosavia the head of department of property of the government of Moscow Vladimir Silkin has explained that Rostehnologii and the city was redeemed by actions of Open Society at mister Vantseva and now own it in a proportion of 51 % on 49 %.

the Reasons of resignation of Vitaly Vantseva are not called, in Rostehnologijah to make comments on them have refused, and the mobile phone of mister Vantseva did not answer yesterday. But in the beginning of March wrote that at Vitaly Vantseva for work half a year relations with " have deteriorated; Rostehnologijami and first of all with zamgendirektora Igor Zavyalov supervising Rosavia (see from March, 3rd). Sources in Ministry of Transport and on an aviation market said that Rostehnologii in the general director Rosavia Confuses the conflict of interests (mister Vantsev - the largest private shareholder of airport Vnukovo, and from the end of last year - and airlines Sky Express). Besides, interlocutors noticed that the conflict of mister Vantseva connected with the government of Moscow, to managers Rostehnology - reflexion of the tense relations between shareholders Rosavia also did not exclude that the city can leave the project. Vladimir Silkin has assured that it not so. But the source in the government of Moscow supposes that its share can appear it is essential more low initially stipulated 49 % .

Despite Vitaly Vantseva`s resignation, board of directors Rosavia has preliminary confirmed the strategy of development of the company developed by it. Vladimir Silkin has specified That it will be finished taking into account new forecasts of a volume of passenger traffic, and will be definitively confirmed on following board of directors in May. While council recommended to the new general director to start to prepare for the tender for purchase of planes for Rosavia . Thus the company does not plan to stop on one supplier, it interest both Boeing, and Airbus, Vladimir Silkin has noted.

Experts notice that success Rosavia will depend on professionalism of a command which will manage to be collected. sense of appointment of Boris Korolja in personifying an administrative resource Rostehnology - agency head Infomost Boris Rybak believes, adding that to Vitaly Vantsevu to realise itself in this quality it was not possible. But the project is not closed, so, its authors managed to convince high government officials of viability Rosavia the mister the Fisherman adds. The head of analytical service of agency Aviaport Oleg Panteleev considers that Boris Korol - a time figure. it does not have essential experience in aircraft so it will be face of the company at a starting stage, and someone will be engaged in a project air unit another - the expert believes. At the same time if Valery Okulov`s influence in board of directors Rosavia will be appreciable, there is a hope that the project will be structured according to the standard canons of aviabusiness mister Panteleev adds.