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The public prosecutor has announced all charges to Khodorkovsky and Lebedev

the Public prosecutor on April, 16th has finished announcement in court of the bill of particulars on the second business in the relation eks - heads of YUKOS Michael Khodorkovsky and eks - heads MENATEPa Platon Lebedev. After that the judge declared a break in judicial sessions till April, 20th.
at last - that was made a miracle, and announcement of the bill of particulars is finished. On Monday the following stage of litigation - judicial examination " will begin; - has told RIA News the lawyer of mister Khodorkovsky Natalia Terekhov. As she said, according to procedure, on April, 20th chairman of the court Victor Danilkin should ask from figurants of business, whether clearly it the brought accusation and as they concern it. our clients will make statements with the requirement to explain a charge essence as we repeatedly declared that the essence of charge is not clear neither to Khodorkovsky and Lebedev, nor us - has declared the lawyer. It has explained that in the bill of particulars is not registered, how oil, who and when has found out its shortage was appropriated. we have again heard a heap of figures, weight of names of the various companies, set of terms, but only not an essence of the shown charges - Terekhov`s madam has noted.