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BMW Efficient Dynamics

years and the facts

1979 Future of hydrogen

BMW develops the first engines with digital electronic control (DME). Together with the National centre of Germany on research and working out of technologies in the field of aeronautics, astronautics and BMW transport begins work on prospects of use of hydrogen as future fuel.

1983 fast diesel engine

BMW lets out the diesel engine first for the history. The motor 524 td, rjadnaja the six in volume 2,4 l and capacity of 115 l. With., admits the fastest diesel motor the world. He allows the car to be dispersed with 0 to 100 km/ ch for 13,5 seconds and to develop the maximum speed in 180 km/ ch.

1984 Green priorities

descend From the conveyor the first European models of BMW with the catalyst. Being the manufacturer of modern motors and realising the responsibility in business of protection of environment, BMW becomes the first automobile manufacturer who in a mass order has translated the models on use neetilirovannogo gasoline.

1985 BMWs Technik GmbH

there Begins work BMW Technik GmbH division, the brain centre the companies. The division of BMW Technik GmbH uniting the best designers, engineers and technical experts of the company, is responsible for creation of conceptual models, carrying out of experiments and introduction of technologies of the future.

1986 project prometej

BMW takes part in scientifically - the research project prometej which purpose to optimise transport streams to raise safety and efficiency of cars, to lower their adverse effect on environment. BMW 745i becomes the first European car, capable to work both on gasoline, and on liquid hydrogen.

1987 block of management

BMW develops electronic system of injection for diesel engines and represents the electronic block of the management, capable to carry out automatic control at once several functions of the engine. As a result BMW engines become even more sensitive to inquiries of drivers and more brightly show the sports character.

1989 hydrogen station

After ten years of research works on prospects of use of hydrogen as alternative fuel of future BMW opens in Munich the first station on refuelling of cars szhizhennym hydrogen. Refuelling process carries out the robot which by means of the digital chamber finds ljuchok and inserts a refuelling pistol into a car tank.

and workings out

BMW opens 1990 Center of researches FIZ, the centre of researches and workings out with staff in 6 thousand employees. The centre includes design studio, design offices, the test areas and premises for test of prototypes. The separate building is intended for work with engines where 36 test beds for engines and dynamometers are located. Six test boksov are specially equipped for working out of hydrogen engines.

1991 electric BMW

Constant searches of alternative to the car with an internal combustion engine yield tremendous result: BMW Technik GmbH represents electromobile 1, the compact city car. Letter E in the car name means not body generation as it is accepted at BMW, and experimental electromobiles .

under control

BMW represents 1992 Valves VANOS (Variable Cam - Shaft Control), innovative technology on control and change of position of valves. This technology thanks to the shortest time of regulation reduces losses to gas exchange and by that raises capacity, a twisting moment and engine reactions, and also positively influences fuel consumption and level of toxicity of the car.

1995 easy chassis

BMW the first among the automobile companies occupied with mass production, begins landing gear extension from legkosplavnyh materials. The forward axis, a multilever back suspension bracket and some elements of brake system of BMW 5 - j series are entirely made of aluminium.

BMW on gas

BMW deduces on whole world roads the first serial cars of BMW 316g and BMW 518g, working on natural gas.

2000 Hydrogen march

BMW among world manufacturers officially represents the first the cars, capable to work both on gasoline, and on liquid hydrogen.

2002 sustainable development

Within the limits of world tour of BMW CleanEnergy and for demonstration of technologies with use of alternative kinds of fuel of BMW represents the car 745h with the hydrogen engine at the World summit on a sustainable development in Johannesburg, the republic of South Africa.

2003 faster. More strongly. Easier

BMW represents cars with kuzovnymi the details made of plastic and reinforced uglevolokna.

2004 it is even easier

BMW achieves new successes in weight reduction of the models, and also starts in manufacture new generation of six-cylinder petrol motors with blocks of cylinders from magnesium, a material of easier in comparison with aluminium.

2007 Pleasure at the wheel

Improving work of system active cruise - control, BMW represents technology Stop and Go. This novelty allows to distinguish in good time other car on road and depending on distance to it in appropriate way to lower speed and to avoid collision. Finally system Stop and Go allows the driver to feel more safe and is comfortable at the wheel the car.

the green hero

In the annual release the British specialised magazine Car has awarded BMW special award Green Award for simple, accessible and having huge advantage technologies on advantage to environment.

2008 EfficientDynamics

BMW EfficientDynamics concept becomes result of tests, innovations and persistent experiments.

the Green car of year

BMW Car 118d obtains the highest recognition of public and receives a rank The most green car of year . Numerous international awards, in particular the Green wheel from weekly journal Bild am Sonntag, received for BMW EfficientDynamics program, confirm its success and help BMW to continue to search for new decisions.