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Attacking Russian national team and London the Arsenal ANDREY ARSHAVIN not simply one of the fastest players in modern football. It as many experts and fans also " consider; the motor the command, capable to cut a spark during game and to get the others. However, Andrey Arshavin shows love to high speeds and powerful motors and out of a football ground. About what he also has told to the correspondent - the Car HASANU GANIEVU.
- That for you the ideal car?

- Me it is important first of all that the car was comfortable, strong and reliable. That in it broke nothing. Still it should be big and fast. Well and, of course, the safe.

is an ideal car for any country and any road. And you consider what car preferable to Russia and what for England where you now spend time most part?

- For the Russian roads and the Russian environmental conditions is better the off-road car approaches. The car with the wheel formula 44, with the big road clearance, big and unpretentious. To it testifies besides other and an automobile choice of many my colleagues on a national team of the country and Petersburg to Zenith .

As to England I while badly know this country and I can not answer, by what car here is better to go. Time will tell.

- whether It was necessary to you to go by sports cars and what your personal record of speed?

- It was necessary, but it were not racing race cars in the pure state, that is not that prepare for special races, and the sports cars calculated on public roads. Once I was dispersed approximately to 170 km/ ch. At times - till the speed for 200 km/ ch. However, then I did not take the helm the car, and was in a rank of the passenger.

Fairly to tell, in the car I do not aspire to any records. I try to adhere to the general traffic regulations and to respect other drivers. Though high speeds I love also fast cars to me very much are pleasant.

- you became the founder of the dealer centre of BMW in St.-Petersburg. Why BMW? From - for the same love to speed?

- BMW Company is known for the cars and victories in big-time sports. It in general the most successful mark and one of the strongest brands in the automobile world and in the business world as a whole.

Besides, I am am involved in this mark with that in BMW cars the high technologies which much more advance operating time of many other companies are used always.

- you to yourselves have already looked after any car of BMW?

- Yes. It is model of the sixth series. The sporty coupe.

- BMW EfficientDynamics Concept allows to increase car EFFICIENCY considerably. And whether there is a concept of efficiency of professional sports? And how it can be raised?

- it is natural, exists. Though efficiency in football all the same judge by result on a stadium board. The result is reached first of all at the expense of persistent trainings, various exercises, self-return and desire to win. The positive effect is given also by the careful analysis of a game situation and an estimation of weaknesses of the contender.

- as you manage to spend optimum forces during one match, a series of games, the championship?

- In any game always it is necessary to work as a head. It is necessary to run then and there, when and where it is necessary. There is no sense to run without the purpose. There are moments in game when it is necessary to add. There are moments when it is possible to save forces.

- dynamics in sports is how much important?

- Dynamics is very important, especially today when all dares for fractions of a second. The you faster and dinamichnee, the are more difficult to catch and beat you. I take great pleasure from dynamical game. Especially when I win!

- from whom and from what you would like to achieve bolshej efficiency?

- From my partners.

- BMW EfficientDynamics concept assumes also increase of ecological cleanliness of let out cars. How you in general concern to what ecological requirements to cars became more rigid?

- As the motorist and as simply person I feel responsibility for environment preservation. Therefore, naturally, the ekologichnee there will be my car, the more comfortably I will feel myself. Introduction of rigid ecological standards it is correct. It is necessary to protect the nature and to try to reduce quantity of exhausts, doing their as less as possible harmful.

but if it is fair, now at a choice of this or that model in a motor show I as the buyer, simply I do not reflect on how much it is pure before the nature. I pay attention to other qualities of the car: its comfort, its dimensions and dynamic abilities.

here if ecological cleanliness of the car was underlined by the seller and if it did not disturb to other important characteristics and in general pleasure at the wheel it would become powerful argument in favour of purchase of such car.

- you for certain know about growing popularity of electromobiles and hybrids. Whether you are ready to acquisition of such vehicle?

- I know that many companies now actively develop and even already sell hybrids and the cars using alternative kinds of fuel. As soon as hybrids, electromobiles and other devices will start to move with the same speed, as usual cars, I with pleasure the purchase one of them. It is assured that by one of such cars there will go my son. Also I hope that it can quickly go.