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Rosrybolovstvo suggests to create a stock exchange on water bioresources

Rosrybolovstvo suggests to create the state stock exchange on trade in domestic water bioresources to reduce number of intermediaries and to pass to pricing market mechanisms to this production.
it is necessary to create the national operator of exchange trade in bioresources - the head of department Andrey Krajny has declared, acting on April, 16th at session of the governmental commission concerning development rybohozjajstvennogo a complex. He has noticed that in rybohozjajstvennom a country complex many companies which carry out exclusively intermediary services in this connection the margin in the final price ryboproduktsii makes 50 - 70 % operate. According to the mister Extreme, stock exchange creation will allow to reduce number of intermediaries.

the mister Extreme has told that against this initiative a number of the fishing companies acts. Head Rosrybolovstva connects it that some firms are interested in not market, opaque pricing on the production, in particular, to underestimate customs cost vylova, delivered on export, and to overestimate its price for internal consumers. Andrey Krajny has reminded that world experience has shown high efficiency of exchange trade in water bioresources. the stock exchange is a unique market mechanism of definition of the price - quotes RIA News head Rosrybolovstva.