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The customer has killed the killer

In Novosibirsk regional court the sentence is pronounced to businessman Victor Belonogov. It was accused that has organised attempt at the partner and when the killer has not coped with the order - has killed the last. On the basis of an accusatory verdict of jurymen of the businessman have sentenced to 7,5 years of a colony. Rather soft punishment speaks that mister Belonogov managed to convince jurymen that it has killed the killer, having exceeded limits of necessary self-defence.
Victor Belonogov some years ago together with Alexey Semansky has opened in Novosibirsk derevoobrabatyvajushchee the enterprise Leo . On charge versions, desire to appropriate all business has pushed mister Belonogov to punishment over the partner. As it is underlined in business materials, with the request to help it to get rid of the business partner Victor Belonogov has addressed to the acquaintance Evgenie Vavilinu, promising to pay volume 30 of thousand rbl. On May, 16th, 2007 the prospective customer personally has brought the mister Semansky to its house where the victim was waited by mister Vavilin. That at first from five metres has shot to the businessman at a breast from a sawn-off shotgun, and the second shot has made already in an emphasis. The mister Semansky has survived by miracle: it was rescued by a sound health and in due time rendered medical aid. Next day the prospective customer and not taken place killer have met on suburb of Novosibirsk. Being afraid that detectives will establish the executor of a crime, and through it leave and on the customer, Victor Belonogov, is told in business, has killed mister Vavilina. During the investigation actions of the businessman have been qualified as instigation to attempt at murder on hiring and murder on purpose to hide the first crime (item 33, item 30 and item 105 of the criminal code of Russian Federation).

Accused petitioned for a legal investigation jurymen to whom has stated the version of an event. As he said, to the organisation of attempt at the partner it had no relation, and on this episode asked to take out a justificatory verdict. Evgenie Vavilina Belonogov`s murder did not deny (witnesses saw its car near to a place where the corpse has been found out), but happened has presented as result of excess of limits of necessary self-defence: ostensibly Vavilin has attacked the first, and it, being protected, has not calculated force.

on April, 1st board of jurymen as seven voices against five recognised the defendant guilty of the organisation of attempt at the mister Semansky. However has agreed with the version of the businessman concerning murder of Vavilina (also seven voices against five).

the State accuser Marina Morkovina has asked to sentence Victor Belonogov to eight years of imprisonment. The defendant, for two years of stay in prison become skilled in jurisprudence, has asked it to justify. He has referred to the item 348 UPK the Russian Federation according to which the judge can direct business on new consideration if will consider that jurymen were mistaken at verdict removal. But judge Marina Marchenko so has not counted and has sentenced Belonogov to seven and a half to years. Alexey Semansky`s claim to the defendant about indemnification of moral harm has been satisfied partially: instead of the 500 thousand rbl. specified in the statement condemned should pay to the victim of 200 thousand rbl.

, Novosibirsk