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Boris Gryzlov has accused opposition of a lack vsenarodnosti

Yesterday the leader of fraction an United Russia the speaker of the State Duma Boris Gryzlov has accused the Duma opposition that it loosens a situation in the country. Rigidity of mister Gryzlov is connected with unwillingness of fractions of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, LDPR and Fair Russia to support the national document - the program of anti-recessionary measures of the government . The opposition considers that United Russia party members loosen a situation, refusing dialogue with other political forces.
yesterday Boris Gryzlov used for the first time lexicon which was usually applied in relation to radical opposition concerning parliamentary parties. I consider that the challenge - a call from opposition is thrown down to that order, that stability which for today exists - he has told.

the anger of the speaker has been caused by that past Wednesday deputies from fractions of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, LDPR and Fair Russia have not voted for the decision following the results of the annual report of premieres - minister Vladimir Putin in the State Duma (it acted on Ohotnij rjad on April, 6th). Under the Duma regulations following the results of the report the chamber should accept the statement in which there should not be an estimation of activity of the government, but specific proposals of fractions as executive power recommendations can contain. In the text of the decision prepared by the Duma committee on economic policy, it was said that all chamber as a whole considers necessary to declare support programs of anti-recessionary measures of the government, as in it after public discussion the considerable part of offers and remarks, including State Duma offers " is considered;. But fractions of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, LDPR and Fair Russia have declared that the governmental program does not consider their offer, and have voted against.

Mister Gryzlov insists that work on the program went long enough and in it a considerable quantity of wishes " has been considered;. Therefore to it the position of the parliamentary parties which have not supported the program during the moment, " is especially not clear; when it should be the national document, the document of public support, the document on which the state, all people " should work;.

Earlier an United Russia did not react so sharply when the opposition voted against any governmental or presidential bill. And the opposition in especially thorny questions was always ready before to consolidation as it was, for example, in August of last year when all four Duma fractions have unanimously supported actions of the president and the government in Georgian - the Osset conflict. But to be consolidated round the anti-recessionary program of the government opposition has not considered possible. We against that, - has declared vitse - the speaker from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Ivan Melnikov, - that the party in power defied a word consolidation on purpose to decline all responsibility for the helpless policy and tried to sign under it all .

He is Gryzlov loosens a situation and an United Russia - has declared vitse - the speaker of the State Duma from LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky, meaning not the Duma voting, and regional elections passing on March, 1st, on which all hands have unscrewed, depriving opposition of its voices . Mister Zhirinovsky does not understand, why its fraction should support the program, in which have not included any of 14 offers which have been put forward by LDPR . Any idea is not accepted, all our offers are rejected, - has declared the vice-president of the Duma committee on safety from fraction Fair Russia Gennady Gudkov. - We were ready to help the government, but an United Russia has refused dialogue, actually having declared oppositions: all is already solved without you, from you approval " is required only;. It is not excluded, as the vice-president of fraction " considers; Fair Russia Oksana Dmitriev that opposition voices, were necessary an United Russia because it loses confidence .

Behind minority parties there are millions simple citizens has explained the vice-president of the Duma committee on the constitutional legislation United Russia party member Alexander Moskalets. Therefore support of the government by minority, as he said, it is important in the conditions of crisis . But the opposition has decided to show that it opposition though any ideas has not offered mister Moskalets considers.

Debate with participation of opposition which last weeks suited all TV channels, United Russia party members have lost as has noticed the chairman of the board of the Center of political technologies Boris Makarenko. And it, on its supervision, has caused feeling of uncertainty not only in the party in power, but also in to present imperious elite in which there is a latent psychological opposition to any pluralism . Simply Boris Gryzlov has expressed this psychological reaction of elite with straightforwardness peculiar to it the expert considers. That is, on Gryzlov leaves that at the time of stability the Duma not a place for discussions, and at the time of crisis - not a place for voting against .

Meanwhile the society does not attach significance to that, as the Duma fractions " vote; has informed general director VTSIOMa Valery Fedorov. to loosen a situation In the country the opposition cannot, so to the majority of Russians, according to VTSIOMa, it is pleasant, when the opposition criticises the government but the same majority will be against opposition if that is to achieve power change also will not notice an opposition separate opinion.