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Faculty of unnecessary people

At session of Association of lawyers of Russia the juridical education reform was discussed with participation of president Dmitry Medvedev, called to solve a problem of overproduction of lawyers. First of all it was a question of introduction of additional examinations in a trade before employment and creation of the list of legal high schools which will acquire the right to delivery of diplomas of the state sample. Start should give to reform preparing presidential decree: the network of legal high schools can be reduced ten times.
yesterday, opening session of Association of lawyers of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev has remembered the Leningrad youth when in a city was only three legal high schools. When it left Petersburg, lawyers prepared already in 50 high schools that has led to considerable deterioration of their preparation. Search of bad lawyers the president named critical: These people frequently cannot find to themselves work. And if find, it is even more dangerous. If such graduate appears in an armchair of the inspector or the lawyer, or finally judges it can have simply very serious negative effect for all sew the countries .

to Struggle with overproduction of lawyers the president has offered statutory acts which, as a matter of fact, start juridical education reform. On the closed part of session the question of the statement of new state standards of training of jurisprudence was discussed. Among innovations - obligatory legal practice for the graduates, similar to medical internship. The mass establishment of so-called high school legal clinics - free legal consultations on the basis of educational institutions in which students will train Is offered also. New state standards should include and requirements to training conditions: for example, students - criminalists should have access to modern kriminalisticheskim to laboratories.

It is offered to change and certification rules. So, besides state examination before appearance at work the graduate of legal high school will be obliged to pass qualifying test in high school - so-called examination in a trade, extended in the West. The head of the Supreme Arbitration Court Anton Ivanov repeatedly called for obligatory written examination for candidates for the judge. This idea was developed by rector Sankt - the Petersburg state university Nikolay Kropachev. In its opinion, the diploma of legal high school should be no more than the basis for the admission to a promotion examination .

the Priority block of offers on reform concerns optimisation of a network of legal high schools. So, the project of the preparing presidential decree assumes the statement of the list of legal high schools which will acquire the right to delivery of diplomas of the state sample. Radical offers which were published by the head of Audit Chamber Sergey Stepashin, are reduced to an administrative solution of a problem: It is a question of preservation of training of jurisprudence only in 12 state high schools. It was offered to recognise faculties of law of other high schools not profile and to recommend it the termination of a set of students since new academic year. The statistics says that the large Russian companies employ today graduates no more than 20 legal high schools from 500. Besides, it was offered to cancel army delays for students of faculties of law of not profile high schools.

against the state list of legal high schools regions have already acted. Rectors remind that the state and so regulates a set of entrants allocation of budgetary places (according to Minobrnauki, for four years their number was reduced to 13 thousand) And regulation of paid services, as well as activity of private high schools, should not be state business. Rectors remind also that it is difficult to define criteria profilnosti high school, after all faculties of law in branch high schools prepare lawyers with concrete specialisation.

under the information the reform scenario can be reconsidered. So, the list of legal high schools can extend - some tens legal high schools can apply for the status state (with budgetary financing) that all the same will lead to almost tenfold reduction. The elimination tool in the government suggest to make more than severe constraints of licensing of faculties of law and high schools: the demand of graduates of legal high schools should become one of criteria.

besides desire not to destroy market mechanisms in higher education, in calculation is accepted and psychological calmness students in crisis. So, president Dmitry Medvedev summarised a yesterday`s meeting the offer to do without revolutions and at least this year to provide reception of entrants by old rules, and to present students of faculties of law to allow to study up without changes.