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Ungirdled chasovshchina

Having arrived on Baselworld in the tenth time, I have found out again that I do not know also the tenth part of this impassable exhibition. Here there are places where the foot of the journalist did not go. Also do not think that we squander time in beer at an input - meetings in Basel are painted for a year and go with a rhythm of times to half an hour with a break on to wash hands. But only the accredited hour marks here more than three hundred. What for they come to Basel in such quantity, on what hope also whom at itself wait?

Here without the account of the halls densely filled with pavilions - from huge houses to small kletushek on one seat. And around at each hole have sat down, as the spiders absolutely independent who rent numbers and salons in hotels or some little tables in neighbouring cafes. In the majority it is masters of one masterpiece whom they estimate in one and a half - two hundred thousand euro and are ready to put it, on the terms of an advance payment, years etak through five. Or the little-known brands buying standard Swiss mechanisms and packing them in the cases with the logo. When I see on the next house a multimeter header of type Watches Moskva since 2004 I would like to name the next Russian hour mark Fignia since 1917 but as anonymous Frenchmen, Germans, Chineses cynically behave.

I would welcome professional cleaning with an interdiction for salon visiting for five years with confiscation. But as at a present exhibition the fantastic car into which on the one hand inserted details of existing hours used huge popularity, and on the other hand received their exact copies - the small fry needs to get stronger only.