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Will finish to “ Umki “

the Largest shareholder hladokombinata “ Constellation “ from 45 % there was Tatul Garsljan, the brother of the chairman of board of directors “ metafraksa “ Armen Garsljana. Shareholders “ Constellations “ also have decided to change a top - management - hladokombinat will head Muscovite Alexander Leontev having experience Coca Cola.

According to Open Society HK reporting “ Constellation “ in the end of March of Open Company “ the Perm share company “ were the nominal holder, left structure of shareholders hladokombinata, having sold 34 % of actions of Tatulu Garsljanu. The Brother of the chairman of board of directors “ metafraksa “ thus, became the largest shareholder “ Constellations “ having increased the share of ordinary actions with 11,4 to 45,4 %. Armen Garsljan has informed „“ that it has no relation to “ to Constellation “ Is a personal project of his brother which has profile higher education and in due time worked on one of the Russian meat-packing plants: “ It has come on “Constellation“ to lift Perm morozhennoe “.

Other principal shareholder of joint-stock company (34 % of ordinary actions) is Open Company “ Legal business - the centre “ (the unique participant - the technical director “ Constellations “ Yury Chauzov). The company is supervised by businessman Evgenie Beljaevym behind whom 7,9 % of ordinary actions personally are registered. He has informed that structure of shareholders “ Constellations “ essentially has not exchanged - nominal holders have disappeared. The industrial complex is supervised some years by it and Tatulom Garsljanom. Open Society HK “ Constellation “ - the unique manufacturer morozhennogo in the Perm edge (morozhennoe “ Umka “ “ the Rascal “) .

Shareholders “ Constellations “ meanwhile, again change a top - management. General director Vadim Karlinsky (earlier headed “ the Kamsky cable “), having worked less than year, leaves a post. According to mister Beljaeva, a top - the manager leaves under the agreement of parties. The company will be headed by Alexander Leontev. Mister Leontev - the manager from Moscow, has experience in Coca Cola. Before the new head former problems - realisation of several projects, in particular - manufacture creations after a frost of fish are put.