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Drivers will check up on an exhaust

Authorities of the capital can forbid entrance to the centre of Moscow of the cars which engine does not correspond to an ecological class Euro - 4 and above. With such initiative the head of capital department of wildlife management Anton Kulbachevsky yesterday has acted. Similar measures in the government of Moscow were developed and at eks - the mayor Jurii Luzhkov, but business and is not has reached real interdictions.
the head of department of wildlife management Anton Kulbachevsky yesterday has told about preparation of the project of the governmental order of Moscow. As he said, the document provides restriction of entrance to the central part of a city of the transport which is not corresponding to a class Euro - 4 . A source in headed by the mister Kulbachevsky department has confirmed that a variant of introduction of restriction for cars it is studied . In the West citizens go by class cars Euro - 5 in Moscow three years class gasoline " is on sale; Euro - 3 also it is planned to toughen only requirements to sold fuel, - the interlocutor " has informed; . - Restrictions will extend on a number of zones in city boundaries, it will be unessential the centre . As he said, one of variants of control over journey of cars - the throughput mode similar to volume as journey of trucks of an ecological class more low " is now supervised; Euro - 3 employees of traffic police on entrance to the central part of capital. in documents to the cars imported and made in the Russian Federation the ecological class already is underlined, therefore problems should not be, - have explained in department. - concerning the cars imported earlier, this question is studied . Other variant was published yesterday by the mister Kulbachevsky: Probably, special counters which in a stream will trace the cars which are not corresponding to norms " will be established;. Obviously, the mister Kulbachevsky meant the devices analyzing an automobile exhaust.

authorities of the capital frighten of restriction of entrance to city centre not the first time. In 2005 the mayoralty of Moscow has developed the ecological doctrine according to which in city centre should forbid entrance of cars with an ecological class more low Euro - 3 . After a year these ideas have been written down in the project of the capital law On regulation of movement of vehicles in separate city territories . And in 2007 chief UGIBDD of Moscow Sergey Kazantsev has declared that without movement restriction in the centre of Moscow not to manage. Since then this theme did not rise, and Sergey Sobjanin, becoming the mayor of Moscow in October, 2010, has only declared that entrance to the centre will leave free.

the Source in wildlife management department has informed that offered restrictions will come into force, as soon as the governmental order project will sign . Already it is now clear that it will cut the lion`s share of cars from the centre of Moscow. Will not pass all domestic cars - for example, all models the Autovase correspond only to the standard Euro - 3 . 70 % of a motor car park in Russia correspond to a class Euro - 2 and more low, Euro - 4 corresponds no more than 10 - 15 % of cars, - has declared the chief executive of the Russian fuel union Grigory Sergienko. - In Moscow the situation is hardly better: 40 % of cars - domestic, and 60 % - foreign cars, but not all from them new also get under a class Euro - 3 .

Mister Sergienko named the offer of authorities of the capital absurd in the conditions of fuel crisis . Let`s remind that from the end of April, 2011 in various regions deficiency vysokooktanovogo the gasoline, caused by state price control, an interdiction for gasoline realisation " is fixed; Euro - 2 and other factors. The government of the Russian Federation already considers a variant of renewal of sale of this kind of fuel. the Russian factories physically cannot provide qualitative with fuel Moscow, for this purpose, by our estimations, it is necessary for 4,5 million tons of gasoline and solar oil a year - Grigory Sergienko has added.

Admires cynicism of the power which develops such measures as as a result nobody can pass in city centre, - the president of the Moscow board of legal protection of automobile owners Victor Travin considers. - It seems that the officials living in the central part of Moscow, have decided to take care of themselves, and needy and middle class should forget about journey to these areas. However, if the admission will be supervised by traffic police for a bribe everybody can pass - though on a tractor .