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Pirates of Caribbean sea: On strange coast
In hire leave 4 - e Pirates of Caribbean sea . The project has left put the previous parts of Mountains Verbinski, instead of it On strange coast director Rob Marshall, whose picture " removed; Nine more recently left in Russia. Together with Verbinski Pirates have left Kira Najtli and Orlando Blum, but Johnny Depp and Jeffrey Rush on a place, and at them the new big company.

through uncertain time after events 3 - j parts captain Jack Vorobej appears in London. It he has devoted time to searches of a mystical Fountain of eternal youth, and, apparently, it is quite good in it has promoted. However in capital of British Empire not recognised as it Jack learns that the Fountain he searches not for one. It are interested both the Spanish crown, and an English court yard, including the old friend and eternal contender Jack of captain Barbossu who has temporarily thrown a piracy for the sake of mercenary service to the government, and the ominous captain the Black Beard (Ien Makshejn) - a thunder-storm of all pirates, operating in the bewitched ship Revenge of queen Anna and its beauty - daughter Anzhelika (Penelopa Krus). Last - the unique woman of whom when - or Jack Vorobej has been enamoured, and its occurrence includes in the captain of feeling with which he has not so got used to address. All of them, and also crowd of soldiers, seamen and other minor fellow travellers as very nice, and enough terrible, go to a way to a youth Fountain. On road heroes meet set of surprising things, conclude the unexpected unions, as usual, to betray each other as soon as possible, and sometimes show suddenly saving sentimentality.

in general, as a structure of action 4 - e Pirates truly follow a canon of first three films. Besides Johnny Depp poses the same puzzly - the humiliating physiognomies very habitual, but because not less touching. Jeffrey Rush (Barbossa) all as spitefully pohohatyvaet. Penelopa Krus simply appears in a piracy corset, and already it is not a pity almost that Kiry Najtli is not present. All like is quite good, but something nevertheless is distinct not so.

Business in much that Pirates of Caribbean sea were the ideal trilogy. Absurd melteshenie turned around in them improbably beautiful fairy tale, and seeming ignorance of sense of proportion was compensated by ability to put an end in a correct place. And 4 - I the part is, of course, necessary to them like one needs a hole in the head. Besides it is insulting replacement the Mountain Verbinski, one of the most talented and witty modern a mainstream - directors, on very average the Uniform of Marshall which filmography consists of a musical " looks; Chicago dramas Memoirs of the geisha and a mentioned film Nine poshlovatogo ommazha Federiko Fellini - too in the form of a musical (and also several more musicals television). Not that that Marshall the film ruins, but there is a distinct sensation that it undertakes another`s tug, as if substitutes on a set the unwell colleague and from confusion strives to curtail into a favourite genre. Approximately half fourth Pirates it is removed in style of last five seconds which in a musical precede a song with dance: heroes become in beautiful poses, exchange pair unostentatiously - witty remarks and, apparently, here - here will start singing. That they do not sing, probably, nevertheless well, but, probably, it would save situation, having transformed a film into an obvious parody. As, despite 3D and Penelopu Krus frightening the zombie and artful mermaids, a quantity of amusing jokes and quite fascinating fights, On strange coast most of all reminds a vaudeville - the strange genre more likely feigning fun, than causing it. And that one of the most live Hollywood projects of last decade has turned to it, of course, sadly enough.