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Business behind refusal to co-operate

the Military investigatory department of the Voronezh garrison has filed criminal charges under article of the criminal code of Russian Federation “ Swindle “ concerning the Minister of Defence of lawyer Sergey Nikulochkina representing interests. Under the version of the investigation, it extorted a bribe approximately in 10 million rbl. from representatives of airline “ Flight “ in arbitration lawsuits with which ministry Mister Nikulochkin tries to collect nearby 20 mlrd rbl. promised to promote after reception of money to the prompt removal of requirements from airline.
the information on business excitation „“ yesterday have confirmed in Office of Public Prosecutor of the Voronezh garrison, having refrained from any other comments. The military inspectors, engaged in Sergey Nikulochkina`s business, were inaccessible yesterday to comments. Meanwhile sources in law enforcement bodies have told „“ that business has been raised on May, 18th in the evening. “ It worked in judicial proceedings between “Flight“ and the Minister of Defence by proxy from the ministry, but powers to execute promised to airline it officially did not possess. Therefore business also is qualified not as extortion or a bribe, namely as swindle “ - the representative of one of the power structures, wished to remain not named has explained. Sergey Nikulochkin, which as marked in law enforcement bodies, “ have detected in the act “ at first actively co-operated with the investigation and even has written an appearance from the guilty. Then „“ he refused comments. Then it has suddenly ceased to co-operate with the investigation. “ business in the relation it would be raised anyway, but thanks to an active and loyal position it could receive very soft punishment for the given situation. Now such prospect raises the doubts “ - has noted a source „“. Sergey Nikulochkin while remains on freedom.

we Will remind that mister Nikulochkin has been detained on April, 21st this year by field investigators of FSB and policemen in one of cafe in the centre of Voronezh during the moment when took 500 thousand rbl. - the first part from approximately 10 million rbl. from not named representative of airline. The lawyer represented the Minister of Defence in suit proceeding more of ten years with airline round rented by it in 2000 of four planes An - 124 - 100 “ Ruslan “. Since 2003 the ministry tries to prove in courts airline debts for a car lease, in total in various arbitration there are claims of military department to “ to Flight “ for the sum of an order 20 mlrd rbl. Sergey Nikulochkin worked at first as the regular lawyer of the ministry, and then as the chief jurotdela the state Open Society “ Aviarepair “. Representatives of airline named earlier these requirements unreasonable, decided and did not exclude that they are directed on maintenance “ Personal interests of separate representatives of the ministry “. In the Minister of Defence the relation to a situation publicly never expressed.

in “ Flight “ on new turn in trial yesterday made comments avariciously. The official representative of the company Grigory Bashkirev has only informed „“ that “ Flight “ “ it is always ready to work with law enforcement bodies “. It has refrained from other situation assessments, having referred on “ actively conducted “ investigatory actions.