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The deputy of Kursk regional Duma will condemn for the brought down pedestrians

Kursk regional government of Investigatory committee of Russia has finished investigation and has transferred in court criminal case concerning the deputy of Kursk regional Duma Nikolay Zherebilova who in the beginning of November of last year has brought down two pedestrians. According to results of a consequence, in the evening on November, 6th Nikolay Zherebilov, moving on Toyota car, has broken traffic regulations and has brought down on a pedestrian crossing of two men. As a result of road accident one of pedestrians has received heavy physical injuries (crisis of bones of the right shin with displacement). Criminal case is raised on p.1 item 264 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( Infringement by the person operating the car, the traffic regulations, the causing which has entailed on imprudence of heavy harm to health of the person ) . Earlier in law enforcement bodies declared that the deputy at the moment of incident was in a sober condition and has independently caused first aid. Bad weather conditions could become the incident reason, according to the investigation: at the moment of road accident in Kursk there was a heavy rain. However, pedestrians passed road to place specially taken away on that owing to what the driver has been obliged to let their pass.