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The Voronezh authorities are anxious rates of development of the investment project of Open Company Voronezhsteklo

Yesterday the first vitse - the prime minister of the Voronezh regional government Alexander Gusev has held the meeting devoted to realisation of the investment project of Open Company Voronezhsteklo . As has informed a press - regional government service, g - n Gusev has stated concern rates of advancement of the project which is not simply important for economic development of Seven-Luksky area, but also it is included in the federal program of development of monocities to which Seven-onions have got. In turn, representatives of the investor have declared that today active negotiations on sofinasirovaniju with two big banks are carried on, manufacturers of the complete set of the equipment are defined, the question on the general contractor, in a stage of end procedure of reception of specifications " is solved;. It is supposed that in an early autumn object building will already begin. G - n Gusev, nevertheless, has charged to make in week term joint with the government of area the schedule of advancement of the project. We will remind that the project Voronezhsteklo for the first time has been announced by the Moscow Joint-Stock Company Ogneupory and technologies even in the summer of 2008 - at the First Voronezh investment forum. Volume of investments as it was declared, the company will make 5,6 mlrd rbl. the First stage capacity 600 t sheet glass a day planned to hand over by 2010, the second turn similar on capacity first, - in 2012. The general director of Joint-Stock Company Ogneupory and technologies Yury Kulakov explained earlier a delay in project development an unresolved question about financing . Yesterday g - n Fists has refused to make comments a meeting with officials of the government.