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For six-year Nikita Burenkova`s rescue there are no 598 273 rbl.

Managing branch of Institute of children`s haematology and transplantology of R.M.Gorbachevoj Natalia Stancheva (Petersburg) tells: the Diagnosis has been put Nikita of all about one year back, but illness proceeds very aggressively. At the kid an adverse kind of a cancer when there are signs both limfoblastnogo and mieloblastnogo lejkozov. One more adverse factor - a chromosome translocation, so-called filadelfijskaja a chromosome. And here it is impossible to achieve long remission. Nikita has arrived to us in October of last year. It had relapse, heavy infectious complications. We have spent therapy glivekom, and the boy left in remission. Burenkovy have left in December home and soon, already in the beginning of January, have returned with relapse. To achieve remission it does not turn out yet, the number blastov accrues, genetic breakages join. Now unique hope - transplantation. We already had some patients whom we have spent gaplotransplantatsiju, without having reached remission, and these children recovered. It is necessary to give to Nikita chance to recover .

Medicines will manage to Nikita`s parents in 598 273 rbl.

Dear friends! If you decide to rescue Nikita Burenkova, let you are not confused with the rescue price. Any your donation with gratitude will be accepted. It is possible to list money in welfare fund the Help (founders - the publishing house and Lev Ambinder). the Help in turn, will immediately translate your donations to the supplier of medicines and will report on the made expenditure. All necessary requisites are in the Russian fund of the help. It is possible to use and ours system of electronic payments , having made a donation from a credit card or an electronic cash, including from - for a boundary (a detail - on rusfond. ru ). Thanks!