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The engineer suited a political alarm

Alexey Navalnogo`s Blog about one days has been blocked for some Internet users in Ulyanovsk. As one of bloggers has noted, to it in service of technical support of the provider have answered that access to a site is blocked on request of FSB . The information has quickly extended on a RuNet, having received weight of spiteful responses from users of a network. However, as it was found out in actual fact, the error of the engineer of one of providers became the blocking reason. Nevertheless, FSB refuses comments. Observers notice that the alarm has occurred from - for the Russian disorder which have faced closeness of the power.

last night known for scandalous posts and exposures blogger Alexey Navalnyj has informed how FSB has ordered to block access to mine zhezheshechke in Ulyanovsk . Mister Navalnyj has referred to a post of blogger This which has informed that cannot come into Alexey Navalnogo`s blog, and later there was no access and to other blogs of the domain livejournal. com. After poll of acquaintances the blogger has found out that access is not present only at one local provider - Open Company a Telecom. ru and technical support of the provider has answered that access to this site is blocked on request of FSB .

Mister Navalnyj himself named event very strange. what for to block mine ZHZH? - It has asked a question. - if to block, why in the Ulyanovsk region? If in the Ulyanovsk region, why only one provider?

and has given variants of explanations:

- All is a technical error on the one hand and nedoponimanie with another.

- all is provocation or a joke.

- in UFSB across the Ulyanovsk region clinical morons and (or) the American spies work.

- I am valid the Kremlin project also there is a plan of a raising of my popularity by fulfilment against me of some actions of indescribable dullness.

- all event - only freak of the imagination of the Huge Silver carp in which thoughts there is our Universe .

the Information on blocking livejournal. com has quickly extended on a network. As a rule, the majority of users accused of it of the power and special service.

the Ulyanovsk management of FSB yesterday all the day long was inaccessible to comments - the person on duty refused to connect to someone the journalist, and a press - the secretary of management has explained that she will speak about it of nothing and anybody about it will not give comments .

At the same time the general director of Open Company a Telecom. ru Alexander Markochev has explained that in this case FSB at anything . Neither written, nor the oral order was not, - mister Markochev has told. - it is simple at us there is a change-over, change IP - addresses, and the engineer working last night (if to trust the blogger, ZHZH has been blocked still on May, 16th. - ), has casually blocked the block of addresses into which entered livejournal. com . And the technical support answer about FSB requirement, according to the general director, - it is simple conjectures of the operator which has habitually decided that time is blocked, means, on request of FSB who else can present such requirements . Sometimes there are instructions on blocking of any extremist sites, but now no instructions existing. The error has been corrected already today in 9 mornings, but only thanks to the information which have extended on the Internet. But for a night we were in time to become famous and at the same time and to learn, who such Navalnyj - the general director has underlined.

it is necessary to notice that representatives of other providers declared that from time to time received official references of FSB with requests to block those or other resources.

at the same time the senior lawyer of Volga region Management of the legal company Vegas - Leks Igor Gusev pays attention that according to the established democratic standards blocking of resources should become only on the basis of a judgement as such powers, basically, for them in the law directly are not reflected, though FSB, more likely, refers in the references to the latent sense of some statutory acts . Not without reason in 2010 agents of national security wanted to make changes to the law on the information, allowing them to block the Internet - resources on the simplified procedure - the expert has noted.

the political scientist and the founder regional the Internet - libraries Ulpressa Dmitry Yezhov notices that The initiative from agents of national security in region happens but quite often and providers show the initiative . Agents of national security simply do not have often the competence, and they, reacting to external influences and someone`s statements, address to providers - the head " has told; Ulpressy . At the same time he notices that much more often users lose access to those or other resources for technical reasons at providers that is a consequence of low competence of their technical services, because good IT - experts leave Ulyanovsk and regional IT - the community already was intends to address to the governor with the request to assist in increase in norm of reception of entrants on IT - specialities.

On the other hand, the political scientist considers, today the power with total larceny and corruption has finished before that we observe a bilateral paranoia when the Internet - users in all technical failures are ready to see intrigues of the power and agents of national security, and the power at the same time is afraid of a real openness - he has underlined.