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The former militiaman have condemned on the second time

In Orenburg by 12 years of a colony of a high security the former employee regional UBOPa Svjatoslav Feodors, organised attempt at the editor-in-chief of the newspaper " is sentenced; Buzuluksky news Victor Dmitriev. The consequence has established that the journalist tried to kill for attempts of mister Dmitriev to return the actions of Open Society stolen at it Orenburgneft in cost of 144 million rbl. the Defendant of the fault did not recognise and intends to appeal against sentence.

the Orenburg regional court has pronounced a sentence to the former employee of the regional UBOPa Svjatoslavu Fedorovu accused of the organisation of attempt at the editor-in-chief of the newspaper Buzuluksky news and eks - the candidate for mayors of this regional centre of Victor Dmitriev. In December, 2006 unknown persons have shot the journalist near its house, however it, having received six gunshot wounds, remained is live.

In the end of 2007 investigatory management of investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation across the Orenburg region has informed on crime disclosing. The initial version that attempt has been made on political grounds, has not proved to be true. According to the investigation, the conflict of the journalist with " became an occasion to murder attempt; the persons not established by a consequence from - for ostensibly stolen at it in the end of 2004 - go - the beginning of 2005 135 thousand actions of Open Society Orenburgneft in cost of 144 million rbl. Under the version of law enforcement bodies, unstated persons have ordered murder of mister Dmitriev that it has stopped attempts to return money. As the organizer of attempt has acted orenburzhets Svjatoslav Feodors which has found two executors from Kazan - Ruslana Imangulova and Ilgiza Garipova. Feodors has provided with their weapon and ammunition, car, rented apartment in Orenburg. Executors have received everyone on 80 thousand rbl. All three worked earlier in militia, participated in operations in the Chechen Republic.

in the spring of 2009 business has been transferred in the Orenburg regional court. Accused were made ch. 3 items 222 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( Illegal acquisition, transfer, sale, storage, transportation or weapon carrying ), ch. 3 items 30 of the criminal code of Russian Federation and ch. 2 items 105 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( Attempt at murder ) . Process has passed in the closed mode with participation of board of jurymen. As a result jurymen have taken out a justificatory verdict. The sentence pronounced on its basis has been appealed against in the Supreme court of the Russian Federation which has returned business on repeated consideration in regional court. Process has renewed in the spring of 2010. All time while there was a consequence, Svjatoslav Feodors and Ruslan Imangulov were under a subscription about nevyezde and on announcement of the second verdict of jurymen were not. This time jurymen have taken out a verdict of guilty, and the judge has appointed Fedorovu and Imangulovu accordingly 12,5 and 11 years of imprisonment. Soon both have been declared in federal search. Business in the relation of the second executor of attempt - Ilgiza Garipova - has been allocated in separate manufacture. In the end of the last year on the basis of a verdict of jurymen the court has sentenced it to three and a half to years of imprisonment. Meanwhile the consequence and did not manage to establish the customer of attempt.

the Organizer of attempt at journalist Svjatoslav Fedorov bailed even eight months. Having changed appearance, he has got over to Moscow and has got a job the security guard. However in February of this year he has been detained in the centre of capital by employees of criminal investigation department and etapirovan to the Orenburg region. As Olga Anikeev has told yesterday the senior assistant to the public prosecutor of the Orenburg region on interaction from mass-media, the arrested person almost has written at once the petition to the Supreme court of the Russian Federation about new judicial consideration of its business as the verdict of guilty has been read for lack of the defendant. the Supreme court has satisfied its petition, and earlier pronounced sentence has been excellent, as the defendant has expressed desire personally to participate in debate of the parties. Process has come to the end this week with a new verdict of guilty - 12 years of imprisonment in a high security colony - Anikeev`s madam has told. Despite reduction of term of punishment on half a year, the party of charge by a sentence remained is happy and to appeal against against it does not gather. Itself accused the fault did not recognise and intend to challenge the judgement in the Supreme court of the Russian Federation.