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Seamen with Seals are protected by poisonous gas and the wrong panel

Today will pass the next judicial hearings on the case of the failure which have occurred on a nuclear submarine the Seal in 2008. Protection of the commander of a boat and the machinist asserts that a steel cause of accident not actions of people, and unsuccessful constructive decisions and actions of port services.

in Vladivostok judicial hearings on the case of failure on the nuclear submarine " today have renewed; the Seal in which result in 2008 20 persons were lost. Then during the state tests one of sailors has put in action system pozharotushenija and in compartments the poisonous mix of freon and tetrahloretilena has arrived.

Charge is shown the commander Seals to Dmitry Lavrentevu and trjumnomu to machinist Dmitry Grobovu. The lawyer of mister Lavrenteva Alexander of Fists asserts that designers of the submarine are guilty of the happened events.

Preconditions of such emergency have been created by the industry. Because it is available the fact of an easy approach to a control panel which is on the second deck of the second compartment - the lawyer confirms.

In an easy approach beautiful keys, the monitor. Not today, so tomorrow, not tomorrow, so the day after tomorrow someone will approach, will play, - Alexander Kulakov is assured. - it should be closed a casing. That now, in a year, it is already made .

the Chief engineer of the Amur ship-building factory Alexander Merinov has declared to journalists that in failure suppliers pozharotushitelnoj mixes are guilty. Instead of pure freon they have put a mix with tetrahloretilenom.

the mark Device 1142 even in usual conditions it is impossible to tell that it is absolutely safe for the person. But such here heavy consequences what take place in our case, would not be - Alexander Merinov believes.

the submarine the Seal on which there was a failure, now finishes the state tests. In the autumn it will be transferred in leasing of India.

nuclear submarine the Seal has been put at the Amur ship-building factory in 1991, but construction have frozen. In 2004 building has renewed after visit to Russia delegations of the Minister of Defence of India. Then the transfer agreement " has been signed; Seals to the Indian fleet in leasing since 2007 for 10 years for $650 million

Further terms of transfer of a submarine were postponed at first for a year, then on two. However after the failure which have occurred during tests on November, 8th, 2008, the chief of the Joint Staff Nikolay Makarov has declared that the boat will not be is sold, leased to someone, and will be accepted on arms of Pacific fleet.

subsequently and these plans have exchanged. With India the next agreement has been signed. a seal will transfer in leasing till October of current year.

In May of this year builders Seals have written the post card in which asserted that the commander of the submarine is not guilty of failure.