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Charlie Chaplin otlihoradjat a jazz

At competition CinemaJazz Awards starting in Moscow to well-known to the Gold-rush the new soundtrack will be created. Modern sounding will be received by some more masterpieces of mute cinema. As a result old tapes receive new life, the correspondent " considers; FM Darya Trosnikova.
the Idea to change soundtracks to silent movies was born at organizers in 2009. Since then musical show became traditional. The program of competition CinemaJazz Awards consists of four fragments of silent movies. One of groups prepares the author`s program for each fragment - modern saundrek which can cardinally change perception of all tape.

never you know that groups will think up this time, one of organizers of competition Roman Hristjuk has told.

Each time this such revelation that modern music with archaic cinema can make. The video series starts to be perceived absolutely on - to other. That is addition something new gives effect shaking - has shared Roman Hristjuk opinion.

organizers carefully select Each film in advance. The genre of an offered tape can be any - from a comedy to horrors. And only one remains invariable are the films, which steels irreplaceable in the history of cinema, Michael Dovzhenko has told souchreditel competition.

we Choose 4 silent movies and we try to select both domestic, and foreign music, - Michael Dovzhenko has told. - In general, the Soviet comedies 20 - h years is a special pleasure. Then directors were afraid of nothing, experimented and were at the head of a world cinema. These tapes - the present treasure .

and successful the music and video series combination will be how much exact, spectators and author`s jury will estimate. Actors, the TV presenters, the well-known musicians and winners of the previous competitions will estimate creativity of musicians.