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Young front-line soldiers live in hope

the Youth organisations of Saratov have discussed the participation in created the Popular front . Especially the youth counts on creation lifts for the admission in the power and at least on third of service record from ONF. However, according to opposition, anything Vladimir Putin new the project offer young active workers cannot.
the youth organisations of Saratov have gathered yesterday for meeting to discuss the declaration on formation the All-Russian popular front in the Saratov region. Session has passed in a building of regional executive committee an United Russia and the majority gathered anyhow concerned party in power. So, on action there were deputies - United Russia party members from gordumy Margarita Kozlova, Stanislav Bondarev, Vasily Artin and Sergey Nesterov, from regional Duma Denis Fadeev, and also representatives Young guards And some public organisations. Middle age present - 27 years. Conducted session and. An island of the head of a staff Young guards Vsevolod Hatsenko which have replaced on this post of Vasily Artina.

According to the text Declarations representatives of the public supporting the initiative of our leader V.V.Putin declare formation ONF as the wide coalition of public forces created for development and realisation of the long-term program of development of our society . As the purposes it is declared: construction of the strong country with market economy and creation societies of free and successful people .

Gathered have stated hope that the project will allow to involve youth in the power by means of effective social lifts. we speak about it for a long time, but it is not realised into life. I hope that with creation the Popular front all will change - Natalia Aliev has told the chairman of youth parliament of the Saratov region. She has offered, that at least third from 150 candidate places in the service record from ONF have given to youth . It was supported by Denis Fadeev who has noticed that involving of not indifferent young men in managerial process by the country is the future to which our democracy has grown . However, in the presented kind the Declaration has not been accepted, as some points of the document have appeared not co-ordinated among themselves.

senior the generation of politicians of rough enthusiasm of political youth does not divide. The member of Public chamber of the Saratov region Vladimir Turman is afraid that idea the Popular front it will be misunderstood by a society: As soon as this offer has sounded, opposition forces began to deform its sense. It is necessary to leave and talk to people. To explain that front It is created not that someone has passed in the State Duma and that is possibility really to improve life - he has told. The initiative was supported also by the representative of advertising agency News Outdoor Ilya Levin who has informed that is already developed by the company the sketch of leaflets which will extend on a city.

the chairman of regional branch of Incorporated Civil Front Diana Eremina considers that for youth the new organisation will not give special prospects: the Youth and was involved earlier in an United Russia to them promised reception of mandates. But only the few could achieve any posts. Anything new now it is not offered, and I think that the big possibilities, than in ER, at them will not be . The secretary on ideology of regional committee of the Union of communistic youth of the Russian Federation Sergey Ljubtsov adheres to the Same opinion also: This structure has been created an United Russia For elections. The youth will actually defend interests of those to whom it is favourable, that is oligarchical classes. And really affect formation of a youth policy young participants of movement cannot. If to look at the previous elections, youth active workers always went in the list, but on places through passage. I think that with the Popular front there will be the same - he has noted.