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The world tanchikov, or the Long way to success

Physicist Victor Kislyj has conceived to create own online - a toy. Throughout 10 years there were failures, but, finally, Victor has started tank military strategy World of Tanks, in the people - Tanchiki . The success has come, and the result has surpassed all expectations - last year the company annual turnover has made $10 million Main thing - to find the sphere, confirm Yury Mitin and Michael Homich.
Yury Mitin, the expert on innovative business:

the History of it success online has begun in 1998. The physicist by training, Victor Kislyj has opened the company on working out the Internet - sites. There were many projects - from creation the Internet - shops to a software writing. However Victor dreamt to create own online game - military strategy. Company Wargaming was for this purpose open. net

From dream before realisation has passed 10 years. The first game has not found the audience. The second futuristic step-by-step strategy has appeared is too difficult for the user.

in 2004 have decided to create analogue of well-known game World of Warcraft. Having spent more year, it became clear that to make game more interesting Warcraft and to entice users it will not turn out. All these errors were financed at the expense of foreign orders for software working out.

and still the niche has been found. In 2008 the decision to create tank military strategy World of Tanks was accepted. And here all errors have already been considered. In advance have tested game, have received feedback from users, one year prior to release have started a virus advertising campaign

Result has surpassed all expectations. In 2010 at beta - testing was over 200 thousand users. Game is free for downloading, earn on micropayments and a premium - accounts. 25 % of users pay from $3 to $10 a month. As a result the annual turnover is estimated in $10 million, and the quantity of players comes nearer to 1,5 million persons.

well and how to earn on online - games?

Michael Homich, the teacher of economy of innovations of the Moscow State University of a name of Lomonosov:

In - the first, Victor has collected a professional command of developers which did games and in parallel earned on software projects. In - the second, all - taki the niche has been found. In - the third, it is good business - model. Game is free for downloading, but for the advanced users payments are provided.

so find the niche what efforts and money it is not necessary!