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Alyoshin Boris Sergeevich

the Private affair

Was born on March, 3rd, 1955 in Moscow. In 1978 has ended faculty of management and applied mathematics MFTI on a speciality automatic control systems and in 1982 - postgraduate study MFTI. Since 1978 worked in scientific research institute of automatic systems (since 1990 - the State scientific research institute of aviation systems) - the main centre of science in the USSR on the radio-electronic equipment of aviacomplexes of all kinds. Headed the Center of microelectronics of aviation industry at scientific research institute the EXPERT, the Instant - 29 and the Sou - 27 took up the problems of onboard computing systems of fighters, was one of organizers Russian - the French project of creation uchebno - the training plane the Instant - AT. In 2000 has held a post of the deputy minister of the industry, a science and technologies, in the autumn of 2001 has headed Goskomstat. Since April, 24th, 2003 - vitse - the prime minister on the industrial policy. On March, 12th, 2004 has headed Rosprom. In December, 2005, after transition the Autovase under control Rosoboroneksporta was a part of factory board of directors, keeping a post in Rosprome. In September, 2007 it is appointed by the president of group of Autovases. A Dr.Sci.Tech., the professor, a member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of Sciences. It is married, brings up the son.