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RN - Kubannefteprodukt has refuelled in Rosneft

Open Society NK RN - Kubannefteprodukt the largest player in the retail market of fuel in Krasnodar territory, has received the loan from parent the companies on investment development, were told by representative RN - KNP. According to the source, the size of a loan - about 900 million roubles, it is given for three years under the rate not more low 2/ 3 rates of refinancing of the Central Bank.

representative RN - KNP does not speak, the loan will be particularly spent for what purposes. As a whole means will direct on development of a retail network of the company (building new AZK and modernisation of the existing gas stations), development accompanying (grocery supermarkets on the gas station and a network of terminals for clearing settlements) and gas business. Building continuation gazonapolnitelnoj stations in a village Velichkovsky will be one of the main projects in 2009. Also in addition to ten already existing branches RN - KNP plans to open three more: in Kropotkine (will cover also Armavir, Kurganinsky, Labinsk and Gulkevichsky areas), in Slavyansk - on - Kuban (also will cover Abinsky and Crimean areas) and in a village Leningrad (will capture the north of Krasnodar territory).

On the end of 2008 the company had 192 gas stations (42 from them are equipped by trading floors the general floor space 2460 sq.) and 20 tank farms - within a year have occurred sharp increase in quantity of retail points of sales at the expense of rent 32 gas stations at RN - Tuapsenefteprodukta and 11 gas stations at the South - Miniojl (also are affiliated the companies Rosneft ) . According to the company, in 2008 in Krasnodar territory 929 gas stations, share RN worked - KNP by their quantity makes 21 %. The second place, according to the company, kept Lukoil - 9 % (83 gas stations), then followed the multinational corporation - VR - 4 % (40 gas stations) and Gazprom - 2,7 % (25 gas stations). In 2008 RN - KNP realised 1,1 million tons of fuel, the gain has made 24,18 mlrd roubles, net profit - 441 million roubles. The largest proprietor of the company is Open Society the Oil company Rosneft the minority shareholder from 6,13 % of an authorised capital stock - Open Company Dojche bank .