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The president has heard a monastery, factory and district

the strongest impression of a trip of president Dmitry Medvedev in the Uhlan - Ude became survey Ivolginsky datsana. The energy received from llamas, has sufficed the president on encouraging and directing employees the Uhlan - Udensky aviation factory, to discuss failure on Sajano - Shushensky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION, to warn about inadmissibility of increase of power tariffs and to reject pressure to apocalyptic comments .
Dmitry Medvedev has begun visit to the Uhlan - Ude with a meeting with buddistskimi llamas in Ivolginsky datsane which is the main monastery of the largest buddistskoj the organisations of Russia - Buddhist traditional Sanghi. The president has reminded llamas that Russia - the unique state of Europe where the Buddhism is recognised by traditional religion, and has declared that the state and representatives of the most different faiths has an overall aim - to try to influence as much as possible carefully education of young men. The head of organisation Pandito Hambo llama Damba Ajusheev in the answer has assured mister Medvedev that understands the problems, has taken its recent offer on introduction at schools of studying of history of religion and religious faiths. Thus llamas have informed that are self-sufficient also that their credo - to serve truly, not to create any special conditions and not to demand in exchange something from the country leaders . At last, to the president have shown the main relic datsana - an imperishable body of Pandito Hambo of the llama of XII Dam of Itigelova which since 1927 stays in a nirvana at body temperature of 19 degrees. Llamas have told that seven times a year believers and after that its temperature raises to 34 degrees get to a body access. A meeting with not learnt has made on Dmitry Medvedev and accompanying it strong impression .

After that Dmitry Medvedev has gone on the Uhlan Udensky aviation factory where make helicopters Mi - 8/ 17 and are going to make again planes - Sou attack planes - 25. Unlike llamas, workers of factory have brought down on the president set of requests - from reduction in price of a mortgage before maintenance of the state order for planes. To Dmitry Medvedev does not remain anything as with a smile to tell: Tasks are received. We will execute . Workers of factory were excited with a question, whether will jump up from - for failures on Sajano - Shushensky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION tariffs for the electric power (p. 7 see), which in Buryatiya so almost three times above, than in the next Irkutsk region. The president has assured that tariffs will not grow, has shared impressions of acquaintance to all production phases of helicopters, has recommended to update a lineup and has gone on the meeting devoted socially - to economic development of the Siberian federal district.

Opening it, the president has declared that failure on Sajano - Shushensky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION, in addition to an economic crisis has aggravated a situation in region also has noticed that is frequently forgotten that safety monitoring systems, an infrastructure of the Russian enterprises as a whole at the moment demand limiting attention also need modernisation. Almost definitive diagnosis to causes of accident was put by the head of the Ministry of Emergency Measures Sergey Shojgu. It has actually laid blame on certain nothing known the company the Foreshortening which made installation of the automated control system by station work. Mister Shojgu has offered in the law on state purchases to toughen regulations of selection of the companies for potentially dangerous objects. we do not have questions who will build submarines. So it is necessary and from HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION - the minister has declared.

Dmitry Medvedev has agreed with it, however has underlined that matter is not in volume that at competitions won the same structures checked up by decades, and in that for such structure that paid the life, who signs the corresponding competitive decision . Unfortunately, we will not have yet any sad event, to be scratched begins nobody. It is a heavy national habit which to us extremely costs much - Dmitry Medvedev has added.

at meeting the question on redistribution of power streams in region in connection with failure and stabilisation of tariffs was discussed also. Minister of Energy Sergey Shmatko tried to calm the gathered. for an electric power pool of Siberia there were system, but not critical risks - mister Shmatko has told. However he recognised that the prices for the companies - consumers can grow, as the electric power from coal generating stations costs more expensively. He has explained to the become agitated president that all fluctuations of the price will smooth out . Dmitry Medvedev nevertheless has just in case warned: I hope that all participants of the market will be guided by reasonable reasons, instead of momentary benefit. We cannot admit unreasonable growth of cost of the electric power .

the head of Buryatiya Vyacheslav Nagovitsyn has complained Of participants of the market, asked to solve a question with the Irkutsk generating company, from - for which politicians in Buryatiya high tariffs for the electric power and warmly. The president has charged Ministry for the Power Generating Industry to understand a situation and to give instructions to councillors of directors of the corresponding company .

Upon termination of meeting Dmitry Medvedev has decided to answer pessimists. There was a weight of apocalyptic comments about it and at us in the country, and abroad. Their sense is reduced to one: everything, have come are the beginning of the technological end of Russia, Chernobyl the XXI-st centuries. Those who does not like Russia in operating borders and its role on international scene have started to rub hands, - he has declared and has added: - All of us understand that, despite all weight of an event in spite of the fact that the people were lost, all is nonsense . However thus he recognised that technologically we really very strongly lag behind also has urged to work over overcoming of technological backlog, differently all threats about which now speak, can become real .