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MRSK Ural Mountains forms a new control system

As the corporate secretary " has informed; MRSK Ural Mountains Sergey Gusak, in MRSK Ural Mountains there is a formation of a new control system . In its basis - our industrial branches. We consider expedient to transfer to them of more powers, including financial character which have been fixed earlier to the executive device - the mister the Gander speaks. As he said, in Sverdlovsk area there is an allocation from the executive device MRSK Ural Mountains the independent executive device of branch Sverdlovenergo . earlier administrative functions have been combined that led to a certain disproportion - he has added. Also within the limits of work on optimisation of expenses the company passes to an economic way of performance of works. In reforming of branch from the network enterprises repair, transport and other divisions have been allocated in the independent companies. Today we understand that the part of functions of these companies should be returned back on the enterprise. In industrial activity the reasonable combination of contract works and the works which are carried out in the economic way " is necessary; - the mister the Gander has told. According to company plans, the economic way will carry out maintenance service and repair of the capital equipment of air-lines 35 - 110 kv, substations 35 - 110 kv, distributive networks 0,4 - 10 kv; formation of volume of service in transfer of the electric power and service of means of the account; maintenance with motor transport; formation of volumes of transfer of the electric power, technological joining.