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Management FSSP of Chuvashiya intends to sell the arrested property of a trading network the Dewdrop

Management of Federal Agency of court enforcement officers across Chuvashiya declares intention to realise the arrested property of a trading network the Dewdrop within the limits of executive manufacture.

as informs a press - service of management FSSP across Chuvashiya, arrest is imposed on 2 - a floor building in Cheboksary, and also trading and other equipment (trading show-windows, racks, cash systems, scales and other) in 40 shops of a network the Dewdrop in the cities of Cheboksary, Novocheboksarsk, Kanash, Tsivilsk, the Mythical stone, Shumerlja, the item of Ibresi, and also in shop Capital cafe Robin Reels the Palette Kerosinka Two pizzas ( 2 Pizza ) In republic capital.

the decision on collecting of 289 million roubles of debts from Open Company the Dewdrop and of some other firms and businessmen of capital of republic (guarantors of Open Company) in favour of Bank VTB has accepted the Moscow district court of Cheboksary in July - it is explained in a press - release.

the company could not pay off under the credits taken still in December, 2007 - it is specified in the message.

also it is informed that the arrested property will be directed on realisation to specialised trading organisations Rosimushchestva.

Meanwhile, in a press - network service the Dewdrop to agency Interfax - the Volga region have informed that spread information about a direction of trading and other equipment of 40 shops of a network the Dewdrop on realisation in specialised trading organisations Rosimushchestva does not represent the facts.

According to the representative a press - network services the Dewdrop some commercial structures and banks have already appealed against now against this decision, everyone in an individual order.

a press - the service of a trading network also pays attention to that fact that, despite an interdiction of Arbitration court of Chuvashiya to seize Open Company property the Dewdrop taken out in maintenance of the statement of Open Company about a recognition its bankrupt, the court of law has accepted the judicial certificate contradicting accepted Arbitration court .

the Representative the press - services of a trading network also has underlined that for today network shops are filled with the goods, the salary is paid to workers, people work, and occurs reorganisation networks .

As it was informed earlier, in the middle of April, 2009 of Open Company the Dewdrop initiated procedure of bankruptcy of the company. However Open Company the Dewdrop declared intention to keep the company and workplaces. In May court enforcement officers of interdistrict department on execution of special executive manufactures of Management FSSP across Chuvashiya have arrested property of a republican network of supermarkets with a view of maintenance of claims of some creditors of a trading network. In total in Chuvashiya a network the Dewdrop unites more than 60 shops. Earlier the Dewdrop has entered into the list sistemo - and gradoobrazujushchih the organisations of republic which can apply for reception of federal state support.

Interfax - the Volga region