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Game in one collar

in kommerchskih projects allows large investors to save Participation of the regional authorities essentially on reception of the municipal property. As it became known „“, a group of companies “ Sigejt “ constructed in Gelendzhik cottage settlement “ the Dynasty “ also will be engaged in building of hotels in a city - a resort. In camp site territory “ Black Sea “ in Gelendzhik the group plans to construct hotel of 5 stars and yachts - club with a pier on 40 yachts. With assistance of the administration of Krasnodar territory acting as the minority partner in the hotel project, the site of 9,3 hectares has got to the investor much cheaper its market cost.
about reconstruction of sleeping and administrative objects of a camp site “ Black Sea “ in Gelendzhik and building in its territory of hotel and yachts - club with a pier on 40 yachts it is told in the annual report of Agency of economic development of Krasnodar territory. In it it is specified that AER KK owns 5 % in the operator of the project - Open Company “ Sea gate “.

As of May “ Sea gate “ were engaged in working out design and reception of the allowing documentation. The general director of AER KK Olga Andreeva has told „“ that there is already begun building of water sewer networks. To name the area of new hotel and volume of investments it has refused, having referred to the arrangement with the private partner. Concerning terms of building she has told that “ in crisis the concept „realisation terms“ does not exist “. According to AER KK, the project will pay off for 3,5 years.

“ sea gate “ on 95 % belongs gelendzhikskomu Open Company “ Saturn “ it is told in the report. By data SPARK, “ Saturn “ it is registered to one address and has one founder from Open Company “ the XXI-st century “. It, under own data, enters into a group of companies “ Sigejt “ (works under brand Seagate). On a site “ Sigejt “ it is said that the group starts building on own site in Gelendzhik a hotel complex of 5 stars from yachts - club.

the general director “ Sea gate “ Oleg Vlasov has refused to tell yesterday about the project. In managements of architecture and economic development of the mayoralty of Gelendzhik about it know nothing.

a group of companies “ Sigejt “ (Moscow) is engaged in industrial production, deliveries of the equipment and developmentom (the data of a site of the company). Developer business of group is concentrated in Gelendzhik (cottage settlements “ the Dynasty “ and “ Lemurija “) Where it posesses Open Company companies “ Saturn “ and Open Company “ the XXI-st century “. Indicators and proprietors of a group of companies do not reveal, “ Saturn “ and “ the XXI-st century “ according to Rosstata, belong Cyprian Bellstone Construction Company.

Open Society “ Agency of economic development of Krasnodar territory “ (it is formed in 2008 of the State Unitary Enterprise with the same name) on 100 % belongs to the Kuban administration.

the Partnership with regional administration, as appears from the report, has helped the private investor to receive a site and objects of a camp site “ Black Sea “. In 2006 the edge Legislative Assembly has allowed to bring to Agency of economic development in an authorised capital stock of the created company “ Sea gate “ sleeping, cottage, administrative cases, warehouses and boat station “ Black Sea “. All objects a total area there is more than 4 thousand sq. Metres have been estimated in 12,42 million roubles, and AER KK has received 50 % in “ Sea collars “. In 2008 founders have spent dopemissiju to advantage “ Saturn “ - an authorised capital stock “ Sea gate “ has increased ten times to 248 million roubles, and the share of regional structure was washed away to 5 %.

Besides, AER KK has conceded “ to Sea collars “ the right of long-term rent of territory “ Black Sea “ the area of 9,3 hectares, and “ Sea gate “ have submitted the claim to administration of Gelendzhik with the requirement to sell this site and have carried case, it is told in the Audit Chamber bulletin. “ imperfection of the legislation of the Russian Federation regarding ground relations, and also absence of the decision on reference of city lands - a resort of Gelendzhik to the earths medical - improving districts and resorts has allowed „Sea collars“ to get the ground area the area about street Tourist, 21 for 24,69 million roubles - thus that the annual rent for it made 6,1 million roubles “ - marks the joint venture.

to receive the comment on this question in AER KK yesterday it was not possible. “ It is such simplified way of transfer of a site to the private investor, - lawyer Alexander Lunev speaks. - Probably, of course, dopemissija was it is caused by that the regional budget not a condition to invest in the project on a level with the partner. But, in my opinion, here interests of the state in favour of private structure " are infringed;.

“ It is a good site: close source of the electric power and the airport " is turned to the Gelendzhiksky bay, a platform equal; - the director gelendzhikskogo Open Company branch " considers; Stivilon “ Sergey Krug. The director of agency of real estate “ Business “ Alexey Stepanov says that market cost of a hundred part in this area makes about $30 thousand Sergey Krug considers that it can reach $50 thousand In the market of 9,3 hectares, thus, can cost 0,93-1,39 mlrd roubles.

the director of branch of the Moscow building company assumes that the investor will construct hotel the area no more than 12 thousand sq. metres, - such restrictions are imposed by demand. Level of 5 stars, as he said, will manage not less, than in $3 thousand for the sq. metres, all hotel can manage in 1,2 mlrd roubles.