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More than seven thousand children will not be admitted in schools on September, 1st

the Main state health officer of Russia Gennady Onishchenko has informed that children who have come back from rest from the countries where disease cases are fixed by a pork flu, will not be admitted to employment since September, 1st. As he said, in Russia 211 cases of flu A/ H1N1 are at present fixed.
Children who have come back from - for a boundary, should, according to Onishchenko, to wait the incubatory period which lasts seven days. They will be under medical supervision. In total to employment will not be admitted about 7,5 thousand schoolboys. According to the main health officer, such measures are necessary, that in case of disease of one child by a new flu, its schoolmates have not caught.

Gennady Onishchenko and made earlier decisions for struggle against penetration on territory of Russia of a pork flu. On July, 20th he has declared that citizens should refrain from tours in the countries where it is possible to catch. business trips we to forbid, certainly, we will not be. People who go to them, do not go on a beach, do not sit in bars, do not use the potions containing spirits, and are engaged in business - the official has added. On July, 27th the head physician declared that has forbidden travel agencies to organise departure of groups of children to Great Britain (an occasion was that during a recent trip of one such group of Ekaterinburg to Oxford 14 of 24 children have caught). On July, 28th Onishchenko recommended to governors and branches Rospotrebnadzora in regions to take measures on a non-admission of departure of the organised groups of children abroad . The tour operators which have run into an easy panic have calmed Rosturizm (in department have declared that instructions of Onishchenko - only recommendations to follow which nobody it is obliged) and the State Duma which has named actions of the main hospital attendant by the anticonstitutional.

Today Gennady Onishchenko has personally inoculated against a seasonal flu and has informed that plans to take root in the near future and from And/ 1N1. As he said, vaccine manufacture will begin in October.

according to head Rospotrebnadzora for August, 26th, Number ill with flu A/ H1N1 in Russia has reached 211. According to regional bureaus the CART for August, 25th, number ill with a pork flu in the world makes 253 169. 2572 persons have died.