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the Apple has kept up the last

Yesterday election committees of Moscow and Mary El have finished documents acceptance from interested persons to accept on October, 11th participation in local elections. Last day signatures on registration have handed over in Moscow party the Apple and odnomandatniki - oppositionists, and in Mary El - recently created party the Just cause which could not be put forward in capital.
we will remind, by yesterday the Moscow Election Committee has already registered lists of three Duma parties (the parties presented in parliament, do not need petition) - the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, LDPR and Fair Russia an United Russia - on turn. a just cause from - for internal disagreements has refused participation in the Moscow elections, Patriots of Russia have handed over signatures in Moscow Election Committee on Tuesday, and the Apple has brought signatures yesterday four hours prior to the termination of delivery of documents.

When a minibus with party symbolics and escort cars with apple tags have approached on an election committee building in Moss street, towards jablochnikam there were representatives of electoral committee. Someone has hastily sat down in parked near to an entrance of establishment the newcomer Infiniti also has driven away it to give the chance to be developed to the car which has brought signatures. we have collected 100 thousand signatures, but here we will present 78 thousand, - the leader " has informed; the Apple Sergey Mitrokhin. - we party oppositional, therefore are ready to all . It has reminded that petition was gave hardly: on party some courts " hang; (as informed the militia has considered petition in different parts of capital, including on Red Square, for illegal pickets ) . And in the afternoon before militia has not allowed party to spend with the same purpose automobile race, hardly without having accused jablochnikov in demonstration carrying out.

we will remind, in the list the Apple have entered 47 candidates distributed on 17 regional groups, and its Sergey Mitrokhin and the vice-president of the Moscow branch of party Evgenie Bunimovich have headed. odnomandatnikov jablochniki at all do not put forward, believing it is unpromising. The decision on to the Apple the Moscow Election Committee should take out within ten days.

yesterday documents on registration to Moscow Election Committee were submitted also by representatives of oppositional movement Solidarity which will struggle in one-mandatory districts (depending on number of voters in district it is necessary for candidates to collect from 4 to 5 thousand signatures). In total Solidarity Has put forward seven candidates, among which members of bureau of movement Vladimir Milov, Ilya Yashin, Ivan Starikov, the Novel of Well-wishers. how the petition has been organised, rejected among them should be very little. Any obstacles for registration, except administrative, we do not see - has told a press - the secretary of movement Olga Shorina. In turn, mister Milov has informed that already there were signals that it can not register. a just cause on capital elections the head of branch situated near Moscow Boris Nadezhdin, the head of capital branch lawyer Igor Trunov and active worker Elena Gusev will represent. All of them have handed over yesterday signatures in electoral committee. From movement eks - prime minister Michael Kasyanov Narodno - the democratic union on capital elections has gone only a member of presidium Konstantin Merzlikin.

Yesterday documents acceptance has finished Mary El`s electoral committee where on October, 11th will take place elections in republic state meeting. Here, besides four Duma parties (from them registration have already received an United Russia and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, and a question on registration of LDPR and Fair Russia the commission solved yesterday late at night), in elections will take part the Just cause . 11 thousand signatures on registration has brought party to republican electoral committee also last day. The Tula area where on October, 11th also will take place parliamentary elections, will finish documents acceptance on August, 31st.