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Russians have not strummed on the status

Man`s basketball Russian national team which in the European championship starting on September, 7th in Poland on basketball will defend a rank of the best team of continent, has failed on tournament Acropolis which has come to the end yesterday in Athenes - Eurobank. At these competitions which were an important stage of preparation for the championship, she has played with three participants of the Polish superiority - Lithuanians, Greeks and Serbs - and to all to three has conceded, in addition having lost from - for traumas without day the leader Victor Hrjapy.
Tournament Acropolis - Eurobank should become the big disappointment for those who hoped that Russian national team will approach to superiority in Poland in the status not only the operating champion of Europe, but also one of favourites of the Polish competitions. The Greek results have not guided at such thought. On the contrary, have suggested that refusal of performances for a national team of Russia in this season of two protagonists of the championship of two-year prescription in Spain - Andrey Kirilenko and John Robert Holdena - has weakened it so that it has already turned in ordinary continental serednjaka.

the Starting match of tournament - with Lithuanians - has left exclusively nasty impressions. To the big break Russians like would struggle from modular Lithuania which is fine completed and will apply for certain for medals in Poland, almost as equals, but right after it have passed jerk and have been laid on shovels, having conceded 61:78. Did not deserve to be noted as bright and not ordinary, game though someone from the basketball players who are available now at the disposal of trainer David Blatta, - basically young. And even about Kelly McCart`s skilled forward from himok Filled the vacancy released by Holdenom on one resolved by rules of the International federation of basketball of the naturalized legionary in a national team though it also has typed 13 points - figure decent, it was impossible to tell, as if it was the present leader. And called to become it skilled Victor Hrjapa, in Spain Kirilenko playing level with Holdenom, was traumatised on a course of a meeting of a knee and has gone to treat it to Moscow.

in a match with Greece Russians looked already better. And already was whom to mark - for example, the purposeful Andrey Vorontsevicha who has shot 22 points. But all the same Greeks, thus as they experimented structure and combinations on a platform, played whole more solidly and have won - 71:63.

Yesterday Russian national team has finished tournament by a match with Serbs, anything good to representation about its today`s possibilities not added. Half of game it was convincing enough, but here the third quarter by tradition has ruined. Combinational game in an attack this ten-minute has collapsed completely. Russians have managed not to realise during any throw from game and have released the contender forward at once on 17 points. Certainly, to dream of a victory it was useless further. Russian national team has suffered defeat with the account 59:70.

However, as an occasion to optimism memoirs on events which occurred exactly two years ago can serve. Then, preparing for the European championship in Spain, David Blatta`s working with it first season national team, in control meetings looked not very well. - to Germans, Lithuanians, Frenchmen - she has lost to all elite opponents. And basketball in its execution forced to assume that about hit to a superiority semi-final there can not be a speech.

however as it was found out, the American expert has very competently planned preparation. To the championship Russian national team has typed the quite good form, and on a tournament course - up to gold Match with owners - Spaniards - it only improved. And this time possibility to be dispersed at the first group stage where it is necessary to get to a three of the strongest, having outstripped all one opponent (and such commands as Latvian or German, to Russians it is exact on teeth), at it will be.